Whitepaper: Tedial Explores Adopting Future-Proof NoCode iPaaS for Media to Maximize Hybrid Cloud

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and the media industry is embracing these changes to allow broadcasters and content owners to improve quality, simplify and maximize workflows, reduce costs, increase ROI and of course expand audiences. Implementing a Hybrid Cloud is an ideal solution to combine cloud services and local operation, but doing this efficiently, cost effectively and more importantly ensuring the system is future proof creates several challenges. A NoCode iPaaS for Media can play a key role as a Hybrid Cloud deployment is one of the applications that comes naturally with this approach.

The best way to start designing a solution is to think of simple processes (prototypes) and start implementing them, then make adjustments to the prototype along the way. By means of a prototype it is verified that the business ideas work, it is analyzed how to improve the prototype and they can define the additional functionalities that are necessary.

NoCode integration platforms (iPaaS) represent a new generation of software that allow dramatically shorten the development of software projects, because it facilitates communication between business people and development teams, creating prototypes that visualize business needs, without writing code. We are talking about going from many months to two or three weeks, even days.

A NoCode iPaaS for media is essentially a platform with one or multiple sites where all the systems are integrated and simple workflows are defined with a simple NoCode Pipeline. If we think about the hybrid cloud challenges, which include multisite, different storage technologies and different systems to integrate on each site, all of this is covered by the NoCode iPaaS for media. As media abstraction is guaranteed, it’s accessed seamlessly from the most efficient way on each site and all the systems are integrated with the platform and present the same methods. This means that we can say that the workflows are not ‘site aware’, they just have boxes that do some operations that can be changed easily from one site to another.

And more importantly, the NoCode iPaaS for Media guarantees the future proof of the solution, as new components can be added easily to create new services, or some components can be replaced for new versions or for new systems

To read the full whitepaper, click HERE.

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