Phenix Real-Time Solutions Forms New Partnership With Nomad, Joins Google Cloud Marketplace

Phenix Real-Time Solutions and Nomad have announced a new partnership, which simplifies the already-difficult business of building industry-leading interactive video experiences. In addition, the company is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Nomad Partnership

With Nomad’s intuitive cloud-based content and asset management platform and Phenix’s unique platform-as-a-service to real-time video at scale, adding interactive, live video has never been easier. This industry-first partnership streamlines everything from content management through video delivery as a managed service, allowing its customers to focus on innovation, user experience and bringing high-quality interactive video experiences to market.

“We love Nomad’s groundbreaking approach and their vision of creating a platform that allows users to focus on the media itself rather than the complexities of the technology behind it,” says Kyle Bank, COO, Phenix. “We’re thrilled to be part of an industry-leading ecosystem focused on making it easier for content creators to focus on producing, distributing and monetizing content without having to become technologists in order to so.”

Phenix’s cloud-based infrastructure with autonomic scaling is essential for delivering content in real-time that engages global audiences with interactive experiences at broadcast scale. The elastic nature of Phenix’s architecture provides confidence in scalability without requiring burdensome capital investment or ongoing operating expenses.

“We’ve been impressed with how well-designed the Phenix platform is; they’ve clearly taken great care in designing a system that intelligently scales to audiences of all sizes with rapid join rates without buffering, freezing or crashing,” adds Adam Miller, Founder and CEO, Nomad.

To read more about the partnership, click HERE.

Google Cloud Marketplace

Customers from large streaming platforms to online gaming services, can now easily discover and use Phenix’s platform for real-time video distribution to millions of concurrent viewers at scale. As a first time offering on Google Cloud Marketplace, this unique streaming capability makes ultra-low latency streaming more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

‍“Our goal has always been to make the use of real-time streaming widely accessible, and enabling experiences to be interactive and ubiquitous,” says Bill Wishon, Chief Product Officer, Phenix. “Making our platform available through Google Cloud Marketplace and on Google Cloud infrastructure is a big step in that direction, opening a new pathway for customers to gain access to our platform through their infrastructure.”

Phenix has built a partnership with Google Cloud over the past eight years provisioning network and compute resources in real-time to meet the spontaneous demand often created by popular real-time streaming events. By using dynamically scalable cloud infrastructure from Google Cloud, Phenix offers its customers a way to immediately deliver compelling interactive video experiences without needing to resource expensive infrastructure build out, maintenance or operations.

“Making ultra-low latency streaming more accessible is a top-of-mind business priority for organizations across industries today,” continues Kip Schauer, Global Head Media & Entertainment and Gaming Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re thrilled to add Phenix to Google Cloud Marketplace to offer organizations a real-time streaming capability.”

To read more, click HERE.

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