Red5 Pro Server Integrates Zixi SDVP

Zixi announces a partnership with Red5 Pro, who have integrated Zixi to enable live sources and provide adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming by using real-time technology with sub half second latency.

The Zixi integrated Red5 Pro server platform enables users to contribute and deliver streams with end-to-end encryption while auto scaling across various device types and cloud providers. Red5 Pro provides access to video streaming orchestration tools that allows users to skip the CDN, deploy auto scaled clustering on any public or private cloud provider, online or offline that supports millions of streams under 500 milliseconds of latency. Red5 Pro’s Zixi addition unlocks workflows including advanced GPU accelerated live transcoding, Zixi-patented sequenced hitless failover, connection bonding over disparate networks, purpose built live operations dashboards, enhanced visualization and centralized management of live channels. This enables users to serve new and a wide range of applications such as eSports, Broadcast, Online Gambling, Live Auctions, Government and the world of IoT.

With the integration of the Zixi SDVP and the Zixi Enabled Network ecosystem of integrated devices, Red5 Pro media servers can natively receive a wide range of broadcast quality content reliably and securely over managed or unmanaged networks. There is no additional conversion required to receive and process content which reduces complexity and increases efficiency, resulting in overall improved performance of the Red5 Pro platform. Users contributing content using the SDVP will benefit from its patented video over IP technology proven with 15+ years of experience delivering premium content to transport live video anywhere in the world.

By leveraging the combined Red5 Pro servers and SDVP, users have access to a high-performance, scalable and cloud- agnostic live video distribution platform and benefit from unique features such as ultra-low latency, bonded delivery, network and compute efficiency that reduces costs up to 50% when compared to other protocols, connection validation through the industry’s leading security including DTLS connection security and content encryption. Also patented sequenced hitless failover, an improvement on SMPTE 2022-7 that applies Zixi-optimized alignment algorithms to re-create a single coherent uninterrupted stream out of multiple stream fragments, enhanced stream resilience with congestion aware routing and dynamic forward error-correction as well as quality optimized delivery with content- aware bandwidth shaping.

“Our integration with Zixi enables Zixi’s 1000+ customers to create new interactive streaming experiences that simply weren’t possible before,” says Chris Allen, CEO, Red5 Pro. “One use case in particular, combining many Zixi ingests into multi-view streams into a sub 500ms latency single stream output means that live production of sports can be done with remote teams as if they are in the same physical location.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Red5 Pro and their innovative WebRTC technology to deliver a diverse set of real-time streaming applications across multiple verticals” says John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances and Marketing, Zixi. “Our mutual users are deploying exciting applications in sports and broadcasting to deliver live video to large audiences in real-time time.”

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