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Social-Distance–Alert Devices Help Keep Broadcast Environments Safe

Social distancing is necessary for keeping the COVID-19 at bay. However, it’s not easy to achieve when broadcast professionals have to work together, sometimes in closer quarters than might be prudent. That distancing need, though, is sparking its own category of technology products. Social Distancer Technologies, a joint venture of Canadian technology companies Promark Electronics […]  More

Tech Focus: Production Music, Part 1 — How the Pandemic Has Changed the Choices for Sports

Production music — the vast well of styles, sounds, genres, and emotions that underscores televised sports — has been both a hotbed of legal turbulence (assertions of copyright infringements and DCMA take-downs abound over licensing issues) and a generically predictable process in which NBA shows reflexively get bassy hip-hop and baseball gets crunchy rock guitars. […]  More

Fox Sports’ NASCAR Coverage Has That Familiar Roar

NASCAR is one of the first major sports to resurface after the COVID-19 pandemic locked down virtually all sports events globally in March. The races are on again, often with as many as three races in a week to make up for lost time. Although the world has changed, much about the races’ sound remains […]  More

Pro Wireless Users Look Askance at Proposed White-Space Rules

If the last two rounds of spectrum reallocation were the world wars of the RF landscape, the aftermath has been a series of localized skirmishes that illustrate the ongoing conflict between spectrum’s longtime professional-broadcast users and the tech giants that are furiously gobbling it up for consumer applications. Most recently, the FCC has proposed updates […]  More

NFL Draft Reflections: Intercoms Keep the Back Channels Open

There were about three weeks to go before the kickoff of the NFL Draft, scheduled to take place live in Paradise, NV, the last week of April. Then came the pandemic, locking down the country one state at a time. By the time it reached Paradise, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had decided that the event […]  More

DTV Audio Group Webinar Examines Evolving At-Home Workflows

The DTV Audio Group has been holding a series of Zoom-based webinars focused on best practices for broadcast-audio professionals working from home during the pandemic. On May 20, “At Home, At Home? — Expanding Virtualized Audio Production” brought together A1s, audio supervisors, and manufacturers to look at workflows that are evolving as audio mixers and […]  More