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Preparing for the Return of Sports: A1s Ready To Mix Live Broadcasts in the Age of Empty Arenas

The precipitous shutdown of most major-league sports three weeks ago, including the NCAA’s iconic March Madness series, took almost everyone by surprise. But, even as the leagues were devising their doomsday scenarios, the frontline audio troops were working on tactical solutions for making the games happen in empty arenas — efforts that will likely still […]  More

XFL Audio Gets Up Close and Personal

The XFL is back, and it’s getting better traction on television than in its 2001 iteration, on which NBC pulled the plug after a single season. This time, the revived XFL, still owned by WWE entrepreneur Vince McMahon and broadcast on Fox Sports and ESPN, logged viewer numbers comparable to those of the PGA on […]  More

Tech Focus: Pro-Audio Training, Part 3 — Full Sail University’s Gus Ramsey on the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting

Along with extensive facilities for broadcast- and live-production education, Full Sail University is home to the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting, which offers a degree program in sportscasting. Although Patrick — a legendary sportscaster, radio personality, and host of The Dan Patrick Show on Premiere Radio Networks and Bleacher Report — is often on campus […]  More

Tech Focus: Pro-Audio Training, Part 2 — Formal Programs Get a Boost From Esports

Audio is still at least half the broadcast-sports experience and, when the home team scores, is close to all of it. However, as an education vertical, sound on television gets short shrift, generally rolled into larger broadcast-production curricula at all but the most specialized technical schools. A few for-profit media academies, however, remain a bright […]  More

Tech Focus: Pro-Audio Training, Part 1 — Manufacturers Offer Comprehensive Online Courses

One consistently available source of training for broadcast-sports audio has been the manufacturers of the equipment used to capture it, mix it and transport it. Of course, the majority of manufacturers’ training modules focus on the brands’ products and are part of marketing strategies. However, with the variety of the content across the key verticals […]  More

Wireless-Microphone Manufacturers Extend 600 MHz Rebate Program

Wireless-microphone manufacturers are reprising the discounts they offered a year ago after the reallocation of the 600 MHz range of the RF spectrum was auctioned off. This new round of discounts comes ahead of a milestone in that process: the official cutoff date for any wireless system operating in that area of spectrum is July […]  More