Recent Posts by Dan Daley, Audio Editor

You See a Hole; Larry ‘LJ’ Cirillo Hears a Sound

It has become axiomatic that multichannel audio has been very, very good for loudspeaker manufacturers, with 5.1 requiring three times as many speakers as mere stereo. But what has not been as apparent is how good multichannel audio is for microphone makers. Illustrating the axiom are the 22 microphones deployed around a single hole on […]  More

Stanley Cup Final: Big Sound for the Big Games

The NHL Stanley Cup series is under way, and viewers are hearing the action in a way they haven’t heard it before. “We’re trying to be aggressive with capturing sound in each area as it happens now, vs. a wide-area collection approach,” explains Dan “Buddha” Bernstein, A1 for ESPN/ABC’s Stanley Cup broadcasts. “[The latter] has […]  More

LIV Golf Aims To Take Golf Audio on a Really Long Drive

LIV Golf’s website landing page makes a declaration regarding the new league’s intentions for the most genteel of pro sports: “GOLF, BUT LOUDER.” That same sentiment, also in all caps, was on ubiquitous display during LIV Golf’s first tournament, which took place June 9-11 on the course at the Centurion Club outside London. It was […]  More

Audio Loudness Waters Are a Little Less CALM Than Before

Once again, the volume of complaints about loud television commercials is rivaling the volume of the blaring blurbs themselves. In the four months from November 2020 to February 2021, complaints to the Federal Communications Commission about loud commercials more than doubled, up 140% compared with the same period a year earlier. That has precipitated a […]  More

Tech Focus: Networked Audio, Part 2: Standards Bring Order to a Profusion of Formats

Networked audio still comes in a variety of flavors, but, as legacy formats like CobraNet, which is widely regarded as the granddaddy of audio-networking formats, continue to fade and standards-based formats, such as AE67 and SMPTE ST 2110, are more broadly accepted, audio networking remains an alpha-numeric jumble, though an increasingly orderly one. Here’s look […]  More

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