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World Cup Audio: Beyond the Vuvuzelas

The broadcast of the World Cup was a milestone for sports on the air. Not only was it the first sports event available around the globe in 3D, but it was characterized by more sound elements than ever before, more channels of audio and more systems, and all had to work flawlessly together. For instance, […]  More

Fox Sports All-Star Audio Goes Deep for 3D

Fred Aldous enjoyed some newfound freedom while mixing the discrete 5.1 audio for the MLB All-Star Game on DirecTV last week. Fox Sports’ senior audio mixer and consultant was on hand as part of joint venture of Fox and the satellite broadcaster to put baseball’s midpoint contest into 3D. Aldous used the same announce and […]  More

Audio Consoles Continue To Get Smaller, Faster, Less Costly

The biggest news in audio consoles this year has been the acquisition of Euphonix by Avid, which closed the deal on April 21. Otherwise, the field demonstrates that Moore’s Law is alive and well: remote audio-mixing systems are getting smaller, lighter, faster, more intuitive, more powerful, and less expensive. Here’s a look at some of […]  More

Even With New Tools, Audio Up and Down Mixing Has Highs and Lows

Increasingly, the sound of sports broadcasts has become as fragmented as the Balkans once looked. Viewers are sometimes on a roller coaster ride that goes from a 5.1 surround experience (discrete or matrixed) to the sudden deceleration of the bump to stereo for commercial breaks or other intermissions. While this pas de deux between surround […]  More

Calrec Says Goodbye To Analog Mixing Consoles

Calrec Audio, a major supplier of audio mixing consoles for sports broadcasts, will discontinue production of analog audio consoles as of Nov. 30, 2010. The decision to stop making analog consoles results from the broadcast market’s general adoption of digital technology, which has both reduced demand for analog products and made dedicated analog components difficult […]  More

Studer Update for OnAir Consoles Boosts Summing Busses, Adds New Metering and VCA Mode

Among the functions provided in Studer’s recently released V3.2 software update for its OnAir 2500 and 3000 consoles are remote GPIO over the network, configuration backup/restore, and two new metering options, with simple source selection via touchscreen. The digital-meter option has configurable headroom indication. For OnAir 3000 consoles using the Score Live DSP platform, the […]  More

Taming the Wild Vuvuzela

The sound has been described as anything from “annoying” to “Satanic”; CNN described Johannesburg’s Soccer City last week as sounding like “a giant beehive.” The vuvuzela, the native horn that’s an integral part of South African football and has now infused the World Cup’s sound, has been driving some broadcasters slightly nuts, forming the basis […]  More

On College World Series, ESPN Aims for a Wall of Sound

It’s widely agreed that baseball’s signature sound is the “crack” of the bat. However, during the College World Series, scheduled in Omaha June 19-29/30, finding a common onomatopoeia for the sound the NCAA’s aluminum bats make is less simple. It ranges from “ting” to “clang” to “brunk” (generally associated with bunts) and then some. Whatever […]  More

Upmix Engines Stake Out a Place in Sports Broadcasting

Upmixing engines may still be a specialty item, but they have become standard issue in sports-broadcast processing racks. The intention is to provide the most seamless discrete 5.1 surround-sound experience for viewers by making legacy mono and stereo audio elements conform to a multichannel sound field and one that is more consistent when downmixed to […]  More

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