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Calrec Artemis Console in Roll to Record at Wimbledon TV

Roll to Record, NEP’s UK-based provider of custom studios and control rooms, has installed a console from Calrec Audio in its permanent studio operation at the Wimbledon TV Studios complex in London. The permanent installation eliminates the need to install a flyaway console every time NEP does a show at Wimbledon Studios, saving both time […]  More

NAB Perspectives: Imagine Communications’ Mathias Eckhart Explains the Digital Rapids Acquisition

Perhaps the most surprising and certainly the most discussed company acquisition at NAB 2014 was that by Imagine Communications of Digital Rapids, in a move the former hopes will create the most comprehensive portfolio of processing and compression solutions for TV Everywhere in the marketplace. At the show, Sports Video Group’s Fergal Ringrose caught up […]  More

NAB Perspectives: Vitec Videocom CEO Matt Danilowicz on Mergers and Acquisitions

With high-profile vendor mergers, acquisitions and ensuing consolidation emerging as perhaps the biggest theme of NAB 2014, who better to offer a perspective than Vitec Videocom CEO Matt Danilowicz? With much of the NAB discussion centered round fears that some of the big merger announcements would end up tears, Vitec Videocom has perhaps (a) a […]  More

Quantel and Snell Take the Stage Together at NAB 2014

Quantel CEO Ray Cross addressed a packed NAB 2014 press conference regarding the recent acquisition of Snell by Quantel. “Two great companies have joined forces,” he said. “Both have great reputations for quality, innovation, and support. Reputations built and sustained by talented people — and that’s one of the reasons I’m delighted to announce that […]  More

Harmonic Breaks New Ground With VOS Virtual Platform

At NAB 2014, Harmonic has announced VOS for virtualised media processing from a single software platform, encompassing historically discrete functions from ingest to playout, graphics, branding, compression, packaging, and delivery for broadcast and multiscreen applications. The company’s Krish Padmanathan, senior VP for video products, told an NAB Show press conference, “We’re betting our company on […]  More

Elemental CEO Blackman Introduces the Software-Defined Video Era at NAB

In launching what he calls “a new industry category, software-defined video,” Elemental founder and CEO Sam Blackman has told Sports Video Group that in a fragmenting consumption market “our customers cannot keep up with consumer demand – they have to move to our software-based” approach. “I believe our engineering team is unparalleled in the industry,” […]  More