Troy Dreier, Contributor, Streaming & Digital

Troy Dreier, Contributor, Streaming & Digital

Troy Dreier gained most of his knowledge of the streaming video world from his day job as the Senior Associate Editor for, the leading news site for the online video industry. He’s interviewed many of the major players in the new online video economy, and moderated panels at his company’s Streaming Media East and West conferences. He’s also the Editor or, a site that helps online video marketers stay on top of trends and do their work more effectively. Prior to working with, he was a full-time freelance technology writer and a staff editor for PC Magazine. Troy lives in Jersey City, NJ.

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The Future for Media Companies Must Be Flexible, Says NAGRA Report

Does the future of sports viewing belong to traditional broadcast services or to over-the-top streamers? According to a report created by NAGRA and research and strategy consultancy MTM, The Global Market for Premium Sports OTT Services, it’s not that simple. To keep sports loyalists happy while appealing to new fans, pay-TV companies need to be […]  More

NBC and MSG Use Strategy and Storytelling To Keep Viewers Engaged

For old-media TV producers, it’s all about dayparts. For new-media streamers, platforms are just as critical. A while back, NBC conducted a thorough marketing study to learn about the audience segments that stream its content and discovered that viewers tune in at different times of day, and when they watch determines how they watch. This […]  More

NBA Takes Multiplatform Approach to Engaging Fans

Every social-media platform is a tool that sports teams and rights owners can use to engage with fans. The trick is understanding each platform’s strengths and speaking to its users in a tailored way. Speaking at the recent Hashtag Sports conference in New York City, Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, EVP, digital media, NBA, explained how online […]  More

For ESPN, New Platforms Lead to New Audiences

ESPN’s online strategy is “more is more.” Reaching more people on more social platforms grows the base overall. Appealing to new viewers creates lifelong fans. Every platform needs its own tailored approach, but a success on one helps build the overall ESPN brand. A panel of ESPN insiders put a spotlight on that philosophy at […]  More

Hotstar Prepares to Stream Cricket World Cup to U.S. Viewers

You wouldn’t know it in the U.S., but cricket is the second-most-watched sport in the world. Even in the U.S., though, its popularity is growing, thanks to transplants from cricket-loving countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, England, and Australia. And Hotstar International is working to grow that U.S. fanbase.  More

Digital P Media Live-Streams Bass-Fishing Competition for Fishing League Worldwide

Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) has special live-streaming challenges that other sports organizations don’t have to deal with. For one thing, its competitors aren’t all on one field. Instead, they’re scattered across large lakes, often miles apart, and nowhere near a Wi-Fi network. Capturing all the action and streaming it to viewers around the world live […]  More