An Eclectic View of IBC 2014

On exhibit floors that had products ranging from 8K cameras to automatic captioning, why were many visitors excited about Skype? At a conference where the title of one presentation began “Minimising nonlinear Raman crosstalk,” why did one press report comment on cinema-auditorium lighting and the gross receipts of one episode of one TV show?

Between bites of fresh raw herring, Mark Schubin wandered through IBC (moderating one conference session) and discovered those and more: for example, a 4K camera that can directly use long-range zoom lenses, a 3D display that doesn’t require either special glasses or a sweet viewing spot, the Holo-Deck, an immersive egg, the ability to zoom and dolly in post, and a fully accredited Wile E. Coyote.

Catching liars and thieves? Yes, there was that, too.

Direct Link (50 MB / 38:49 TRT): An Eclectic View of IBC 2014


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