Sensor-Lens Options for 4K Acquisition

Recorded at the 2015 HPA Tech Retreat, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, CA
February 12, 2015

Are “4K” cameras really 4K? Is de-bayering a form of upconversion? Why should lenses be different for HD and 4K? Why are higher-resolution image sensors usually bigger than HD sensors? Was there ever a real 4K camera? Mark Schubin provides a quick look at sensors and lens options for 4K.

Direct Link (6 MB / 5:40 TRT): Sensor-Lens Options for 4K Acquisition


Tags: 2/3-inch format, 2015 HPA Tech Retreat, B4 mount, Bayer filter, dead pixel, diagonal offset, Grass Valley, Hitachi, HPA Tech Retreat, Lockheed Martin, low-pass optical filter, on-chip color filter, photon noise, PL mount, Prism, S35 format, single chip, three-chip,

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