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TSL Products Continues to Drive Development With Support for Virtualization, Remote Production

TSL Products is continuing to drive development and integration between its flagship Flex Control Network and TallyMan advanced broadcast control system to offer powerful solutions for production, news, automation, and playout.

“With many TSL customers working remotely, rather than in-studio, we recently added a feature called Web Keys to the Flex system for some of our USP control panels, which allows users to control major hub and spoke installations across the US from home,” says Mark Davies, director of products and technology at TSL Products. “This was something we did not have on our roadmap and have put in place in reaction to the needs of our customers amidst the pandemic.”

Virtualization is at the forefront of broadcast workflows as a result of COVID-19, with broadcast operators requiring more remote production solutions that allow for the virtualization of key tasks while keeping staff safe. TSL’s GTP-V1 virtualized control processor and InSite infrastructure management solution have been developed to make virtualization and remote production safe and efficient.

TSL’s GTP-V1 provides broadcasters with greater flexibility and increased rack density for more advanced installations, ease of management and enhanced life cycle. It allows TSL’s control systems to be hosted as on-premise, off-premise or in-cloud control solutions, working as a virtual machine on existing hardware. The GTP-V1 can run on most cloud solutions and its virtual set up allows customers to keep resources where the talent is. It offers decreased power consumption and heat generation, to meet the ever-growing need for efficiency savings of both power and cooling. This also aids to the greater effects of energy consumption for a reduced carbon footprint.

TSL’s InSite is a flexible, virtualized and configurable infrastructure management solution, allowing operators to monitor all aspects of a facility network from a centralized point. With real-time, web-based dashboard alarming via e-mail or SMS, and detailed reporting, It connects to IP-based devices to communicate the status, control and alarm parameters available over SNMP or Modbus. Customizable, InSite allows users to identify and isolate issues quickly and solve problems remotely. InSite provides integration with TSL’s power distribution units (PDUs) and can also be used in parallel with TSL’s TallyMan, or any third-party control platform, for further integration with detailed broadcast signal flow analysis.

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