IBC 2017

IBC 2017: Clear-Com presents Dynam-EC for real-time intercom management

Clear-Com (Stand 10.D29), the leader in real-time voice communications solutions, presents Dynam-EC (Dynamic Eclipse Configurator), an intuitive and powerful add-on module for Eclipse EHX. A highly configurable user interface with built-in automation establishes Dynam-EC as the leading solution for intercom assignment.

Based on the Production Maestro Pro, Dynam-EC improves control-room workflow with support for SIP call management, macro record/playback, and comprehensive audio-monitoring capabilities. It is easy to use with the multi-user graphical interface and provides seamless management of IFBs, conferences, and lines both locally and across intelligently linked matrices.

Dynam-EC offers the following features:

  • Macro record/playback facility for fast and reliable execution of repeat command sequences
  • Real-time management of SIP/VoIP lines with call setup, monitoring, and fast assignment to internal intercom resources
  • Comprehensive monitoring facilities, including assignable monitors and spot and multichannel meters — all from a PC or tablet-based control surface.

“Establishing and maintaining external comms has always been one of the most challenging aspects of live productions,” says Peter Stallard, senior product manager, Clear-Com. “The new Dynam-EC application provides operators with a tailored control surface. Its output-monitoring function is particularly useful to give operators confirmation of the final mix, and the new macro feature facilitates the fast and reliable changeovers often required during commercial breaks. Dynam-EC is the perfect tool for this demanding job.”

The Dynam-EC module for EHX software, together with a range of Clear-Com’s industry leading communications systems, are being demonstrated at IBC 2017.

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