NAB 2017

NAB 2017: Calrec Goes Full Throttle With V8 Software

Calrec Audio puts broadcasters firmly in the driving seat with its latest V8 software features, together with new Brio enhancements. V8 introduces a number of powerful developments across the Calrec product range: improved RP1 support, switchable 96-kHz or 48-kHz sample rates, and further integration of Calrec’s AoIP interface.

Calrec’s new V8 software integrates Brio on the Hydra2 network.

“V8 is really an evolution, a progressive suite of tools that supports broadcasters into their next phase of IP development,” says VP, Sales, Dave Letson. “With remote production and AoIP rapidly becoming a reality for many, V8 allows Calrec’s users to progress confidently into the next era. This, combined with higher-resolution audio, ensures that all bases are covered going forward.”

In addition, the new V8 software integrates Brio on the Hydra2 network, allowing the console’s on-board resources to be available to all other networked resources.

Brio also receives some powerful new features. Users gain stereo- and 5.1-path spill leg access and independence controls. A second compressor/limiter is also available with single- or three-band options on all channels, groups, and mains, giving users even greater control. The expander/gate in the dynamics section now includes a ducker, complete with a selectable sidechain source that allows the gain reduction to be keyed from audio on any other mono path on the surface.

Brio can now operate at multiple sample rates, too, with options of 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz — all without any DSP sacrifices. Brio’s processing capacity remains the same at any sample rate.

“Brio has been met by great acclaim across the globe,” Letson adds. “The new features and networking capability further strengthen Brio’s position as the most powerful broadcast console in its class.”

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