NAB 2017

NAB 2017: FOR-A To Debut New FT-ONE-LS-12G 4K Super Slo-Mo Camera and Slew of 4K, HDR Products

In addition, FOR-A will feature introduce the VFC-7000A variable frame rate HD camera and a host of new 4K ecosystem solutions

At upcoming NAB Show, FOR-A will debut the next generation high-speed full 4K camera in its FT-ONE series, the FT-ONE-LS-12G. Designed specifically for fast-paced sporting events, the FT-ONE-LS-12G offers high-quality image performance, even in low light conditions that are often found in sports stadium venues and can prove troublesome for most high-frame-rate cameras.

Also on the camera front, FOR-A will introduce the VFC-7000A variable frame rate HD camera at NAB. Additionally, the company will debut the RFC-ONE real-time flash corrector, VRCAM-NX sensor less virtual studio/on-air graphics system, and MBP-1000VS-12G multi channel video server in its NAB booth, #C5117.

FOR-A’s new FT-ONE-LS-12G 4K slo-mo camera

The FT-ONE-LS-12G supports full 4K shooting in maximum 500 frames per second (fps) or up to 1,200 fps high frame rate shooting in full HD resolution. Ready for workflows of all kinds, the camera is equipped with a newly developed original sensor that enables noise reducing. This latest addition in the FT-ONE series produces high-quality images when shooting with a 2/3-inch mounted lens via B4-lens mount adapter, as well as PL lenses. While playing back super slow-motion coverage, the FT-ONE-LS-12G camera offers the ability to independently move the camera head around to capture the next crucial shot. The FT-ONE-LS-12G also features simultaneous output of live and super slow-motion video, and is newly equipped with a 12G-SDI port for output, storage partitioning and 24-axis color correction. The camera comes optional with FOR-A’s exclusive flicker corrector technology, eliminating concerns about the effects of low light when shooting high-speed during night games or in dome stadiums.

More Camera Solutions on Deck at NAB
Other solutions being introduced in the camera stage area of FOR-A’s NAB booth include the RFC-ONE real time flash corrector and VFC-7000A variable frame rate camera. Ideal for news production, the RFC-ONE provides automatic real-time detection and correction of flash. The solution maintains a clear, natural appearance by reducing flash brightness. With 700 fps and internal recording up to 29 seconds, the VFC-7000A is a compact, lightweight, easy to operate variable frame rate camera that is capable of high-speed HD recordings in an all-in-one self-contained unit.

FOR-A will also debut the VRCAM-NX sensor less virtual studio/on-air graphics system at the NAB show. Featuring an intuitive interface and full set of templates, the VRCAM-NX on-air graphics system solution offers many advantages in program production, including camera control functionality of up to four virtual cameras with 32 positions per camera, video effects including defocus control and animation effects, and one-touch operation playlist features that simply production operations.

MBP-1000VS-12G multi channel video server
Additionally, FOR-A will introduce the MBP-1000VS-12G multi channel video server. Ideal for 4K editing environments, the MBP-1000VS-12G offers quad-channel XAVC codec support and dual-channel 12G-SDI input and output. The MBP-1000VS-12G allows simultaneous input/output with 4K UHD and HD. With the video server, users can choose from three SSD capacities to meet their system needs, and have the option to add an LTO option for immediate archiving of captured 4K material or extended recording. Offering a full range of playout and ingest system applications, the MBP-1000VS-12G is controllable from a variety of automated production control systems (APCs).

FA-9600 Multi Purpose Signal Processor
FOR-A will also introduce its next generation solution in the company’s line of signal processors, the FA-9600 3G/HD/SD dual channel multi purpose unit. The FA-9600 supports 4K, 12G-SDI, HDR and Wide Color Gamut, and will be shown in the 4K production and HDR area of FOR-A’s NAB booth. Among many other new solutions, the company will also debut the InSync MCC-4K motion compensated converter and LMCC-8000 8K/4K linear matrix color converter at the show.

The FA-9600 signal processor

The new FA-9600 multi purpose signal processor makes video conversion of all kinds a simple, reliable process. The unit features dual channel frame synchronization, extensive professional video format support, color correction, up/down/cross conversion, and offers 12G-SDI and HDMI terminals – opening the door to 4K production. FOR-A’s FA-9600 solution is ideal for use in mixed HDR/SDR environments, including production studios, live staging productions and mobile OB and up-link production trucks. The energy-efficient unit is a convenient 1U size, and the signal processor’s newly developed color processing circuit provides strong support in HD/4K production. An optional converter circuit is available for up/down/cross conversion.

The FA-9600 can perform dynamic range conversion bi-directionally between PQ, HLG, S-Log 3 and SDR log curves. The signal processor also offers color gamut conversion between the conventional ITU-R BT.709 gamut for HD and the broad ITU-R BT.2020 gamut for 4K/8K. FOR-A’s FA-9600 can use OOTF (Opto-Optical Transfer Function) to comply with the latest ITU-R BT.2100 standard. In addition to the core audio processing features of remapping and gain adjustment, the FA-9600 will be expanded to support the IP video format in the future. The FA-9600 can be expanded by adding an optional card, making it an ideal standalone solution.

InSync MCC-4K motion compensated converter
FOR-A will also debut the InSync MCC-4K motion compensated converter at the show. The MCC-4K provides high-quality frame rate and format conversion for HD/3G/4K UHD signals, and offers support for quad link 2SI or SQD format, as well as single link 6G/12G BNC and SFP connectivity. The MCC-4K offers dynamic range conversion between PQ, HLG, S-Log 3, Canon Log 2, SDR and other log curves, and provides color gamut conversion between ITU-R BT.709 and ITU-R BT.2020 standards.

The MCC-4K motion compensated converter

The MCC-4K is ideal for live frame rate conversion applications where UHD content sourced at a chosen production frame rate needs to be converted to other frame rates for international contribution and distribution, including sports, concerts and breaking news environments. The MCC-4K makes simultaneous transmissions in UHD and HD easy, and is also a perfect solution for integrating HD and 3G content into UHD programming. The MCC-4K is developed by UK-based InSync Technology Ltd, and will be exclusively distributed worldwide by FOR-A.

OR-A YEM ELETEX LMCC-8000 8K/4K linear matrix color converter
Also to be introduced at NAB is the FOR-A YEM ELETEX LMCC-8000 8K/4K linear matrix color converter.

The LMCC-8000 8K/4K linear matrix color converter

Jointly developed between FOR-A and Japan’s NHK, the unit converts color gamut and dynamic range of dual green or full resolution 8K signals, and also supports 4K signals. Users can register up to 8 conversion matrices to convert between ITU-R BT.709 and ITU-R BT.2020 gamuts, and can also register up to 8 EOTF (Electro-Optical Transfer Function)/OETF (Opto-Electrical Transfer Function) to convert between SDR and HDR dynamic ranges. Users are also able to set OOTF (Opto-Optical Transfer Function) to convert to the latest ITU-R BT.2100 standard.

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