NAB 2017

NAB 2017: Grass Valley Upgrades iTX Playout, On-Demand Systems

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has upgraded the iTX Integrated Playout solution for IP workflow compatibility, and the iTX On-Demand system for faster media processing for video on-demand (VOD) platforms and will demonstrate its content delivery solutions at NAB in booth SL106.

The newly released iTX 2.11 version supports AIMS roadmap IP workflows and virtualization.

The definition of “TV” has expanded greatly over the past several years. While TV once exclusively meant content viewed on a television set, it now also refers to content streamed online, on-demand and through mobile devices. In the age of the on-demand consumer, broadcasters must deliver programs quickly and to the right channels so that viewers can watch what they want, when and where they want. To ease this process,

“Instead of focusing on getting their content to viewers through one channel at one time, broadcasters now need to disseminate content to multiple channels as quickly as possible, and sometimes even in real-time,” said Neerav Shah, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “Content delivery through multiple channels can get expensive and unwieldy if not handled through effective content delivery solutions. Media owners want to know that each channel is attracting viewers and generating revenue, broadcast professionals want to deliver high-quality programs across platforms and viewers want content their way.”

Broadcast professionals have to deliver hours of different types of content quickly and efficiently. Grass Valley’s iTX Integrated Playout solution is the world’s most advanced, integrated playout platform for broadcast television, delivering over 20 million hours of programming each year. The newly released iTX 2.11 version supports AIMS roadmap IP workflows and virtualization to help guide broadcast facilities into the future of content playout, helping them stay flexible while they leverage efficiency to profitably deliver a great experience for their viewers.

VOD platforms are some of the many channels viewers utilize to watch their favorite programs at a time and place that suits them. The iTX On-Demand system begins automatically packaging content for VOD platforms while it is still airing live. The solution, which can operate on-premises or virtually, now features broadcast mastering at 8x real-time speeds and subtitle mastering support for more than 40 languages to bring content to VOD platforms worldwide in just minutes after the live event has finished. For even higher efficiency and speed, the iTX On-Demand system is integrated into the iTX Integrated Playout system.

“From social media, to online streaming services, to traditional TV time slots, broadcast operators are monitoring dozens of channels to ensure high-quality content is getting to the right viewer at the right time,” said Shah. “The process of content delivery goes well beyond initial content creation and distribution, and the iTX Integrated Playout and iTX On-Demand solutions support broadcasters every step of the way.”

Grass Valley’s content delivery solutions are designed to help lower the cost of the time-consuming and resource-intensive VOD content creation process and then help networks and other content developers monetize that VOD content. Grass Valley’s systems also help simplify playout complexity, keeping playout quality high and viewers engaged across channels.

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