NAB 2017

NAB 2017: SGL Rolls Out New Features in Latest Version of FlashNet, Will Debut FlashNet Lite in U.S.

At NAB 2017, SGL (Booth SL5306) will showcase the latest version of its flagship FlashNet content management system which includes key features like Enhanced Disaster Recovery, Integrated Amazon Cloud Archiving, Support for Sony Ci, and more. NAB will also mark the U.S. debut of SGL’s new entry-level archive FlashNet Lite.

sgl-logoEnhanced Disaster Recovery
SGL is introducing new tools to enable multiple sites to stay in sync with each other, even when every site is running its own production processes.

Integrated Amazon Cloud Archiving
Amazon’s S3 and Glacier platforms can now be used seamlessly as archiving destinations. FlashNet’s life-cycle rules engine easily moves assets between each platform.

Support for Sony Ci
SGL supports Ci, Sony’s cloud-based service that allows media professionals to collaborate on the creation and sharing of high quality, high resolution content. Both workspaces and archive destinations are supported.

FlashNet Infinity User Interface
SGL will highlight the latest developments to its FlashNet Infinity User Interface. Providing media companies with an elegant dashboard that simplifies the management of media archives, Infinity delivers a sophisticated toolset for archive and restore functionality, system health, monitoring, analysis and more. New features include: A Navigator tool to explore the entire set of archived assets in their original folder format; support for watch folder projects; advanced metadata support; and capacity analysis. FlashNet is available as a free upgrade to all SGL FlashNet users covered by a current support contract who are running FlashNet 6.6 or later.

Major Revision to the FlashNet Watch Folder Service
The Watch Folder Service now manages projects, offers efficient Incremental Archiving, monitors vast numbers of watch folder files and supports Mac and camera storage workflows.

Full Support for Sony’s latest Optical Disk System – ODS 2
FlashNet’s ODS 2 support provides speeds that approach 2Gb/sec writing and 1Gb/sec reading.

Support for AXF
FlashNet can read and process AXF objects providing greater flexibility for customers, ensuring long term availability of content in the future regardless of technology evolution.

US Launch of SGL FlashNet Lite
SGL’s new entry-level archive FlashNet Lite comes in four configurations: FL Disk, FL Tape, FL Hybrid and FL Optical Disk, providing options for content storage that is disk only, tape only, optical disk or a combination of disk and tape. FL Hybrid is upgradeable to 50TB of disk support, two tape drives and 100 slots with one server. This provides nearly 600TB capacity with LTO7 tapes. Running on a single server node, FlashNet Lite can grow as the customer’s archive expands. FlashNet Lite includes important FlashNet tools including: integration with a wide range of partner solutions and storage devices; business storage rules; partial file restore; and SGL’s sophisticated Infinity user interface.

More Highlights From SGL
FlashNet allows customers to allocate a pre-defined number of drives within their library for a specific role, such as archiving Avid jobs only, or restoring/archiving material at a certain time of day.

FlashNet supports DPX-format assets – a standard format for cinema-oriented media. DPX media has one file per frame. Support includes partial file restore.

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