NAB 2019

NAB 2019: Qumulo Touts M&E Growth, Intros Hybrid Storage Platform, Advanced File System

Qumulo (Booth SL12111), leader in hybrid cloud file storage, has announced strong growth in the media and entertainment (M&E) market, as well as significant performance increases and new advanced enterprise protocol capabilities.

The company is providing live demonstrations of its software’s capabilities in a 4K editing environment, as well as its recently-announced Qumulo CloudStudio and CloudContinuity products, which enable media and entertainment organizations of any size to scale production into the public cloud.

Qumulo is also showcasing its software’s performance capabilities for streaming, as well as real-time data analytics, and the ability to enable burst rendering to the cloud.

Qumulo file storage is being rapidly adopted in M&E use cases including broadcast, visual effects, postproduction, and archive: 9 Story Media Group, Ant Farm, Atomic Fiction, Awesometown, Blind Studios, Crafty Apes, The DAVE School, Deluxe VR, DreamWorks Animation, Eight Solutions, Falcon’s Creative, FotoKem, FuseFX, Intelligent Creatures, Mr. X, MSG Networks, Pipeline Studios, Pure Imagination, REDLAB, RodeoFX, Sportvision, and ZOIC Studios.

C-72T Hardware Platform
Qumulo has introduced an addition to its storage hardware platform options. The new C-72T delivers a 200% increase in read performance over previous entry-level nodes, and a 300% increase in storage density over previous high-performance hybrid SSD/HDD platform options.

The C-72T enables customers to start at less than 200 TB of capacity and scales to beyond 3 PB affordably in 1RU, linearly scalable increments. Many other solutions often require organizations to select a very large hardware configuration in order to be economical or to choose a small solution that doesn’t scale.

“For too long, file customers have been forced to choose between capacity versus entry point, performance versus price, or scale versus incremental cost. Qumulo believes customers shouldn’t have to make those choices,” said Molly Presley, director, product marketing, Qumulo.

Significant File-System Performance Increases
Qumulo’s file system is designed for high-performance, primary file storage and active archive environments. The company is constantly improving and enhancing its software to deliver more performance and capacity per dollar for its customers. As part of Qumulo’s software-defined model, any Qumulo customer can take advantage of these ongoing improvements, whether they purchased a system a month, a year, or several years ago.

Qumulo’s software innovation has achieved several significant improvements to its performance over the past 12 months:

  • A reduction in latency over both SMB and NFS
  • A 2X increase in throughput performance
  • Performance of SSD delivered for the price of disk. In all Qumulo platforms, all writes go to SSD and through the advanced cache, 62 percent of reads are predicted and pre-fetched to SSD.

Advances in Cross-Protocol Capabilities
Enterprises have extremely high standards on their requirements for NAS protocol implementation. Qumulo continues to advance its ability to integrate with name services, automate permission handling, and offer the robust protocol support needed for the most complex environments.

Qumulo has announced automated Cross-Protocol Permissions (XPP) capabilities, which allow teams to work seamlessly across computing platforms and networking protocols. System administrators can now allow users on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms to safely collaborate without requiring the system admin to create elaborate permissions safeguards and inheritance schemes.

XPP lets users access and collaborate on the same sets of files over Server Message Block (SMB) and Network File System (NFS) protocols without concern over permissions compatibility.

Previously, system admins would be required to segment users by protocol or set up elaborate permissions inheritance schemes to prevent users from inadvertently breaking file permissions and locking others out. With XPP, admins can spend less time managing, troubleshooting, and repairing permissions issues, and can confidently allow cross-protocol workgroups to collaborate across the Qumulo file system.

S3 Interface to Qumulo Storage With MinIO Partnership
In response to customer demand for S3 protocol support, Qumulo has announced a certified solution with MinIO. for its Minio open source object storage server. This new solution will enable customers to run both file and object workloads from the same storage infrastructure.

“We believe MinIO is a compelling solution for our customers looking to leverage a single piece of storage infrastructure to power all of their own workloads, and for those looking to take advantage of both a modern protocol as well as the economics and performance file storage can provide,” said Presley.

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