NAB 2023

NAB 2023: XD Motion to Showcase Latest Innovations in VR, AR, Automation and Robotic Cameras

XD Motion is sharing the latest updates to its robotic camera systems, X fly cablecams, tethered drone cameras and more at NAB 2023.

In collaboration with ERG, the company will be demonstrating how to add AR into a streamlined workflow and connect a 3D engine for an optimized broadcast pipeline. ERG will be providing AR content creation and delivery services for XD Motion’s live demo. To showcase the versatility and motion of the products featured, the focus will be on creating high fidelity objects to demonstrate precision movement and control capacity, as well as photorealistic lighting to accentuate shadows and reflections for the optimal beauty shot.

The Arcam / IO.Bot robotic camera system will also be on show. The 6-axis robotic arm offers full motion control and is built to work around people without any risks. Programmed to move on 3D inside a virtual 2.5m diameter sphere, an optional dolly can support the arm upside down. Particularly suited for wide shot in movement, it can be used in close shot for pan and tilt movement or fixed. If users want to gain space on the floor, it is possible to hang the robot on a wall or ceiling. This arm does not need any calibration and is fast to set up. ARCAM is augmented reality compatible for any actual 3D engine under FreeD protocol.

The X fly 3D is based on four fibre rope attachment points and allows the dolly to move left and right, up and down and forward and backward. Safety critical software ensures collision avoidance as well as repeatable flight paths. The pilot can concentrate on the camera shots without having to look at the dolly camera. The X fly 3D cablecam is augmented reality compatible for any 3D engine under FreeD protocol. XD Motion provides all metadata for XYZ position, XYZ angles and zoom/focus positions.

SD Motion also now offers the X fly 1D mini with AR mechanical tracking and X fly 1D micro with its XD cam head three axes gyrostabilized as packages.

These cablecams keep crews fast and small, requiring only one operator for the Micro and two for the Mini, to control all the functions, gimbal and lens. The XD cam head will allow smooth motion images thanks to its gyrostabilized system and also AR mechanical tracking with the X fly 1D mini. Both cablecams are easy to use thanks to their RF remote controls.

XD Motion’s Tethered drone AR is a versatile and powerful tool for capturing aerial shots in Full HD or 4K quality. It can transmit live video for hours, or days with a power generator on the ground, and has a motorized winch control for rope tension. It offers full zoom capacity with HD lens control and an optional 1,000W LED light can illuminate up to 130,000 lumens. The drone can lift up to 10kg of payload and requires a reduced crew of two technicians. It also comes in a lightweight flight case for easy transportation.

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