Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022: TVU Networks IS+ Cellular Bonding Tech Finds Believers

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will soon begin and broadcasters in Doha will be looking to bring fans closer via reports captured by ENG crews throughout the area. One of the key enabling technologies at global sporting events in recent years has been wireless IP and bonded-cellular transmission backpacks and camera systems. And TVU Networks will be one of the companies on hand in Doha working with rights holders.

TVU Networks gear arrives in Qatar ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“There has been an international investment explosion in TVU live solutions,” says TVU Networks VP of Media Services Halid Hatic. “Success after success naturally has broadcasters all over taking notice of how delay-free and problem-free TVU is and placing orders.”

TVU Networks patented IS+ cellular bonding technology takes up to six 5G and/or 4G sim card signals and makes one super stream from a single pack. All of that has many broadcasters doubling down for Doha creating a record-setting year for TVU Media Services.

“Fox Sports, ESPN, CNN, the Alphabet Networks, and hundreds of local TV stations are long-time North American customers but now we are overrun with customers from Korea, China, Japan, India especially, France, Germany, Australia, Israel,” says Hatic.

Hatic says the TVU One, TVU Transceivers, RPS, and wireless RPS-Link are the most requested systems.  Keeping constant inventory available for when new customers come on board is a big part of the job but more and more it is becoming a process that requires meticulous planning on the supply side.  TVU One, RPS, and RPS-Link units are basically being bought up so quickly that allocating assets to the rental fleet, once as simple as take some from the sales inventory to serve rentals is not so simple.

“It is a good problem to have,” TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen explains. “We will do what we have always done which is collaborate with our customers so that we are in perfect sync and there are no surprises.”

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