Rio 2016

Live From Rio 2016: Aldea Solutions Helps Broadcasters Around the World With Signal Transport

A number of broadcasters from around the world are making use of Aldea Solutions and the company’s managed transmission services that make use of fiber and partner teleport facilities to help improve 2016 Rio Olympics operations and signal transport.

“Each customer has a tailored solution,” says Aldea Solutions CEO Lionel Bentolila, who is on hand at the Olympics IBC with a team of 10 staffers. “Some just have a few circuits that are less than 1 Gbps while others are using circuits up to 10 Gbps. We are also complementing some of the fiber services with satellite-based services. It’s a big setup.”

Lionel Bentolila, CEO of Aldea Solutions, is on hand at the Summer Olympics with a team of 10 to meet transmission needs of a number of broadcasters.

Aldea Solutions’ Lionel Bentolila is onsite with a team of 10 to meet transmission needs of a number of broadcasters.

The company has approximately 35 flight cases full of encoders, decoders, data circuits, and monitoring equipment located throughout the IBC with a variety of clients, including Latin American broadcasters and Canada’s CBC. In addition, another 20 or so similar units are sited at locations around the globe to complete the transmission circuit.

“We have a very wide range of users, with some that are simple and others that are quite complex with multiple sites of redundancy,” says Bentolila. “And remote production is being used more, so it’s interesting to see how different clients have tackled the Olympics. For some, for example, data is important, and audio is always a challenge as it requires a lot of coordination of the lines.”

Bentolila says broadcasters are becoming more and more interested in data services but are still using a lot of traditional ways of doing things.

“They still like to be here and have people onsite,” he explains. “But the Olympics used to be one studio, one control, and one technical area. Now there is a whole combination of things.”

Aldea, he says, is ready to meet those evolving needs and will even evolve to meet new needs. For example, the company installed three points of presence in the Rio area just for the Olympics.

“We have diversity of fiber from multiple providers here in Rio,” he adds. “And some of our clients are happy with just a few MPEG-4 circuits while others have multiple JPEG2000 signals.”

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