February 12, 2020: The End of the Line: a brief introduction to human aural & visual perception, SMPTE New York Section February meeting


The End of the Line: a brief introduction to human aural & visual perception

SMPTE New York Section February meeting

February 12, 5:30 pm refreshments, 6:30 pm program begins
CBS Broadcast Center, 524 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

Registration required: https://bit.ly/2GP1GIr

The End of the Line: the latest on TV sets introduced at last month’s CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) and the human perception that follows them.

Each year, the Hollywood Professionals Association learns what was introduced at CES from TV expert Pete Putman. This year is no exception; he’ll be doing his highly regarded in-depth presentation in the Southern California desert on February 19. But attendees at February’s SMPTE New York section meeting can beat Hollywood to the punch! It’s like learning the Academy Awards winners before anyone else!

What about what follows those TV sets, the human beings in the audience. What’s the perceptual difference between correlated digital errors and uncorrelated? Does HDR really require more bits? What does gravity have to do with frame edges, and how do they affect comedy and drama? What is visual-aural perspective, and how does it affect lip sync? Can sound increase apparent image size?

Join SMPTE Life Fellow Mark Schubin, winner of SMPTE’s 2017 Presidential Proclamation, for an introduction to human aural and visual perspective from a motion-imaging engineering perspective. Is more always better? Is there a “film look”? Can two people watching the same screen at the same time without any special glasses perceive completely different things? Come see for yourself!

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