Where Are We Going, & How Did We Get Here (The Past) by Mark Schubin

Recorded during “An Evening with Mark Schubin” at the SMPTE New England Section, Dedham Holiday Inn on May 14, 2015.

Learn the extraordinary history of the technology of motion pictures and television. Did you know that the first live video images and the first projected photographic motion pictures were both in the same year, and that year was 1879? That horizontal scanning lines, pixels, and transmitter/receiver synchronization was patented in 1843? That photographic motion pictures were patented in 1852 (and were stereoscopic)? If that’s not enough, Mark promises to show some older moving images — much older. Much, much, much older.

Direct Link ( 114 MB /  TRT 48:00):
Where Are We Going, & How Did We Get Here (The Past) by Mark Schubin


Tags: 1900 Paris Exposition, Adriano de Paiva, Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton, Albert Robida, Alexander Bain, Antoine Claudet, Archibald Low, Arthur Korn, baseball history, Bell Labs, Boris Rosing, Charles Francis Jenkins, Claude Chappe, Constantin Perskyi, copying telegraph, Denis Redmond, Eadweard Muybridge, FDR, Hollis Baird, Joseph Plateau, Louis Le Prince, Marc Azema, motion picture history, Paul Nipkow, Philo Farnsworth, phonautograph, Scots Magazine, telephonoscope, television history, telharmonium, Wildman Whitehouse, William Dickson, William Siemens, Willoughby Smith,

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