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Xcite Interactive Serves Up Turbo Trivia to Users for Free

Xcite Interactive has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus and its effect on sports in North America. This is certainly a complex topic and the company is treating this situation with the utmost respect. With that said, Xcite would like to help teams engage its customers while they are unable to attend games at a venue.

Xcite Interactive would like to provide users with a white label Trivia Game over the next two months. There will be no cost for this product and there are no strings attached. Should customers wish to purchase this product when their team is playing again, the company would be happy to have that conversation.

Trivia is one of Xcite’s most popular games and provides a perfect outlet to interact with thousands of fans at home. The game is built in a mobile web frame and can be accessed by fans within an app and/or via vanity URL.

Users can use utilize Trivia for daily and weekly contests, where high scorers can receive soft-cost items such as autographed items and sponsor prizes. Games can be promoted via social media channels, giving fans ample notice prior to the start of each contest. Trivia does not require a video board and requires very little bandwidth to operate. Xcite Interactive staff will be happy to help with the game’s setup and they will be setting up training sessions in the near future.

Xcite is hopeful that this offer will provide a new way for fans to engage with your brand in the upcoming weeks ahead.

If interested, contact Aaron Cohn, EVP of Sales & Marketing, at acohn@xcite-interactive.com, by 5 p.m. ET on Friday for more information and to get started.

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