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New technology makes 3D fit the viewer

Post-Gazette.com reports that for 16 years, Stephen Blumenthal owned Gallagher Home Electronics in Ithaca, N.Y., that region’s largest independent electronic sales and service company. After selling the business in 2005, he began working with physics and optics experts at Cornell University. Over the last 16 years, he has become a successful inventor. In 2013, he […]  More

Vitrima is a $69 add-on that turns a GoPro into a 3D camera

Techcrunch.com reports on a neat little add-on for folks looking to get a little more out of their GoPro. The Vitrima is a big metal add-on created by Chicago-based startup Fantem that brings 3D video capture to the action camera. The device features a plastic GoPro case affixed to a big lens with mirrors that […]  More

NAB 2016 Wrap-up

Recorded on May 25, 2016 at the SMPTE DC “Bits by the Bay,” Managing Technologies in Transition at the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa. TRT: 33:00 (52 MB) Download link: NAB 2016 Wrap-up Embedded:  More

HDR: The Great, the Okay, and the Yikes!

HDR: The Great, the Okay, and the Yikes! Of all of the picture improvements being discussed today, high dynamic range (HDR) offers the most bang for the bit. It has other characteristics that could also be described as “great.” Implementation will take some work, which is okay. And then there are the parts that are […]  More

The HoloFlex is a flexible, glasses-free 3D display [video]

Engadget.com reports that researchers at the Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Ontario have developed what they claim is the “world’s first holographic flexible smartphone” display. Dubbed the HoloFlex, the display uses an array of tiny lenses overlaid onto one flexible 1,920 x 1,080 HD OLED screen and allows multiple people to simultaneously view 3D […]  More

RealD Saw the Light — and Want You to See It, Too

Variety.com reports that A key shot had looked fine in 2D, but 3D conversion had turned a pleasing amount of film grain into sizzling clusters of digital blocks. When stereo supervisor Chris Parks attacked the problem with the usual de-noising tools, the image became dark and mushy. The solution came from an unexpected quarter: RealD. […]  More

The Fandom of the Opera at McGill University by Mark Schubin

“The Fandom of the Opera” at McGill University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research into Music and Media Technology, by Mark Schubin Electronic home entertainment, movies, consumer headphones – even newscasts and sportscasts – were all created for opera. Really! Emmy-award-winning engineer and historian Mark Schubin offers a brief seminar on “The fandom of the opera: How […]  More

NTV-Plus to end 3D broadcast in 2016

TVBEurope.com reports that Russian DTH platform NTV-Plus is to cease broadcasting of its 3D channel NTV-Plus 3D on January 1. It will also stop offering its subscribers five other channels: Fight Club on December 25 and Kinosoyuz, HD Kino 2, Kinoreys 1 and Kinoreys 2 on January 1. DTH reportedly did not see any prospects […]  More

System automatically converts 2-D video to 3-D

News.MIT.edu reports that by exploiting the graphics-rendering software that powers sports video games, researchers at MIT and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have developed a system that automatically converts 2-D video of soccer games into 3-D. The converted video can be played back over any 3-D device — a commercial 3-D TV, Google’s new […]  More