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Baseball and Opera

Below are most of the posts from the Baseball and Opera group on LinkedIn. I’ve added relevant illustrations (you can generally get larger versions by clicking on them). As more discussions are posted on the group, they will be added here. Unless otherwise noted, all posts and comments are by me. To get directly to […]  More

Live 4k Streaming (for opera, of course)

  The first commercial digital sound recording was of an opera. The first live television subtitles were for opera. And, now, live 4k opera streamed over the Internet. At 7 pm Central European Time on Wednesday, May 7, the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) will transmit Verdi’s opera Nabucco, with Placido Domingo in the title […]  More

Schubin Materials from 2013 International Workshop on High-Quality Dynamic Cross-Continental Networked Artistic Interaction, Businesspark Struer, Struer, Denmark, August 28-30

Here are links to my materials associated with the 2013 International Workshop on High-Quality Dynamic Cross-Continental Networked Artistic Interaction held at Businesspark Struer, Struer, Denmark. August 28-30.   Here is a .pdf version of the slides: Schubin Struer Slides Here’s a link to the slide show, including audio: http://www.schubincafe.com/2013/08/31/historical-overview-of-technical-solutions-in-performing-arts-video/   Here is a detailed chronology […]  More

Opera and Eye

The Blind, an opera by Lera Auerbach being performed this week at the Lincoln Center Festival, has a number of unusual aspects. Unlike many opera productions today, it does not have visible titles to indicate what the singers are singing. Besides the voices of those singers, there are no other musical instruments; it is performed a cappella. It […]  More

Media-Technology and Opera History

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New York City Opera Companies

(partial list) After Dinner Opera – http://www.afterdinneropera.org/ American Lyric Theater – http://www.altnyc.org/ American Opera Projects – http://www.operaprojects.org/ Amore Opera – http://amoreopera.org/ Animal Stone Productions – http://www.andyteirstein.com/ Beth Morrison Projects – http://www.bethmorrisonprojects.org/ Bleecker Street Opera – http://www.bleeckerstreetopera.org/ Bronx Opera – http://www.bronxopera.org/ Brooklyn College Opera Theater – http://bcmusic.org/ Brooklyn Repertory Opera – http://www.bropera.org/ Capitol Heights Lyric Opera […]  More

"No opera, no X-rays!"

The headline above was as surprising to me as it might be to you. Here’s the story. The first published information about x-rays, Wilhelm Röntgen’s “Über eine neue Art von Strahlen” (“About a new kind of rays”), was submitted on December 28, 1895. By April of the following year Dr. Ernest Amory Codman had already been […]  More

A Baseball-Opera Chronology

  “Who Would Doubt That I’m A Man,” sheet music for a baseball song from an 1895 opera I often write about the history of media technology. So why is this post about the joint history of baseball and opera? It’s because a good chunk of that history — roughly half a century — was […]  More

Goberman Leaving Lincoln Center

  When you think of the very latest in motion-image technology, you might think of laser projection, glasses-free stereoscopic-3D, digital surround sound, high-dynamic-range imaging, and the like. Would you believe that one man dealt with all of that in the 1970s? And that he was trained as an orchestra cello player? Lincoln Center for the […]  More

Satellites Are Really Old

Here’s something to ponder: Why is Galileo called Galileo? Other great astronomers and scientists are known by their last names: Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, etc. Tycho Brahe is known by his first name, but he was Danish, and that was their style at the time. Galileo’s compatriots were known by their last names, but he wasn’t. […]  More