Schubin's Greatest Hits

Minding the Store

Originally published in Videography October 2003 Video storage is one of the least considered aspects of videography, but that’s now changing. Here’s a trick question: Which came first, the video […]  More

How and Wide

Originally published in Videography September 2003 Widescreen is the future of videography. So why is this blurb oriented vertically on this page? The first thing to remember is that shape […]  More

We Were Shafted

Originally published in Videography August 2003 In John Logie Baird’s time, videography was crude but simple.  Now what? Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe, liquid-crystal and plasma TVs, Miami Vice […]  More

Three Centuries of Television

Originally published in Videography July 2003 Did you see the latest technology at a recent trade show?  Might it have been developed in the 19th century? Panasonic and Sony introduced […]  More

The Time Machine

Originally published in Videography magazine, April 2003 Disks offer many advantages.  So why do we still use tape-based camcorders? What do the Marx Brothers and John Lennon’s widow have to […]  More

Ideal or "I Deal"?

Originally published in Videography February 2003 Will television entertainment be destroyed without digital-rights management?  Similar predictions were made in 1976. CBS has been pushing high-definition television (HDTV) for more than […]  More

Anatal Digilog

Originally published in Videography November 2002 It is said that we are now in the digital era. But the solid-state imaging chips of “all-digital” cameras are actually analog devices. On […]  More

It Will Be Converted

Originally published in Videography March 2002 If you shoot HDTV, one thing is pretty much guaranteed.  Whatever your show looks like, someone will change it. The world of moving imagery […]  More

The Other Tech

Originally published in Videography February 2002 The biggest differences between film and video or movies and television may have nothing to do with technology — and everything to do with […]  More

Where Did We Come From?

Originally published in Videography February 2002 There are 36 video formats in the digital-television standard.  It may be comforting to know they were based on happenstance, spirituality, accident, luck, and […]  More

Forget HDTV; Get HDTV!

First published in Videography May 2001 Never mind what’s going on with broadcast transmitters and consumer receivers.  If you’re considering major equipment purchases, there’s never been a better time to […]  More

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