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Pearl TV Business Alliance Collaborates with FOX, NBC, and Univision to Test Verance Broadcast Watermarking for Next-Generation Television

The following Press Release was issued by Pearl TV and Verance on April 4, 2017: An on-air test is now underway of new digital broadcasting technology that will help broadcasters tailor content to viewers and better measure audience activity. The test is a collaboration between the Pearl TV business alliance, FOX, NBC Connecticut/WVIT, Univision and software […]  More

CinemaCon in Las Vegas highlights future of movie, theater technology [videos]

The Las Vegas Review Journal at reports that CinemaCon isn’t just about all the red carpets, you know. Away from the glitz, glamor and flashing lights are multiple trade show floors debuting the hottest products in movie technology, theater seating and concessions. Here are some of the highlights from the CinemaCon trade show floor: VR, VR, […]  More

NBA Player Audio Hits 10-Year Milestone

It has been a full decade for sound-wired major-league basketball players. The first Quantum5X PlayerMic was developed by the London, ON-based wireless company specifically for the NBA in 2007. Since then, it has become a staple of NBA broadcasts on ESPN, ABC, Turner Sports, CBS, and NBA Network.  More

4K TV owners wonder: Where’s the programming? reports that Guillermo Soughers began to second-guess himself after he brought home a 4K ultra high-definition TV, because he couldn’t find enough compelling programs to watch in that format. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t replace your very old television with a brand-new 4K television if your old TV is too old to work,” the Newark […]  More

SVG Sit-Down: AES Takes on Audio’s ‘New Realities’

The Audio Engineering Society’s Technical Council (AESTC) has formed a group to advance the science and application of Audio for New Realities. It will serve the needs of the audio community working in virtual-, augmented- and mixed-reality environments. “New realities” covers the gamut of application areas: film, games, music, communications, medicine, forensics, simulations, education, virtual […]  More

Telos Alliance Forms Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group reports that combining technologies from a group of audio-centric companies in the broadcast industry, Telos Alliance has announced the formation of a new entity, the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group. Offering audio-over-IP (AoIP) technologies for TV broadcast and production applications, the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group seeks to aid the broadcast industry’s migration to […]  More

Hate Laughter Tracks? This Kickstarter Device Could Be For You reports that a decade or two ago, almost all TV comedy shows had a canned laughter track. This was, in some cases, due to the fact they were filmed in front of a live audience, but it also seemed to be telling audiences when to laugh. A new Kickstarter project thinks comedy should work differently. […]  More

Sound-mixing techniques create real problems for public TV’s oldest viewers

On, Bruce Rogow, Associate GM of Operations and Technology (KPBS, San Diego) writes: Last March I traveled to Florida to celebrate my mother’s 85th birthday. She lives in a typical multi-building condominium development, where many of the residents are advanced in age and share a common limitation: Because of hearing loss, they have trouble understanding […]  More

AES Berlin Convention Advance Registration Online Now

The following Press Release was issued by the AES on March 16, 2016: New York, NY, March 16, 2017 — The Audio Engineering Society has begun online Advance Registration for the premier European pro audio education and networking event of the year – the 142nd AES International Convention, which marks its return to Berlin, Germany, […]  More