3D Courses

3DTV: Home and the Range

Most people don’t live in movie theaters.  That could be a problem for 3-D TV. It wouldn’t be the first time that TV offered an experience different from that of a cinema auditorium.  In 1961, NBC Saturday Night at the Movies began with the 1953 movie How to Marry a Millionaire, shot in an aspect […]  More

HDI 3D Laser-Television

oled-display.info has a report on Richard Hart from KGO Television seeing HDI Ltd’s., demonstration of their laser-driven 3D TV technology and stated, Take it from me, weve seen RealD, Dolby, Film, all kinds of 3D and this is the smoothest yet. Here’s the report (video): http://www.oled-display.info/hdi-3d-lasertelevision  More

UK’s Channel 4 uses ColorCode 3-D for 3D Week

The ColorCode 3-D Division of Sirius 3-D has been chosen to provide the supporting technology behind 3D Week on the UK’s Channel 4, which began today (November 16, 2009).  As part of the UK-wide promotion for the event, 10 million ColorCode 3-D glasses are being given away exclusively by Sainsbury’s supermarkets – ensuring that as […]  More

3-D is The Future of Television

Rupert Neate of the UK’s Telegraph says that 3-D will be a big hit for broadcasters next year. To find out why he feels that way, see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/mediatechnologyandtelecoms/6455635/3D—the-future-of-television.html To find out why some people get queasy from 3-D, view the 3-D section from Mark Schubin’s Understanding IBC 2009 presentation on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_rk7w59f4o  More

Sony's Vision of the 3-D World

GadgetCrave is reporting that Sony is giving us a taste of the 3-D future, or at least the future as Sony imagines it. Their new gadget has a 360-degree viewing angle and requires no special glasses to see the 3-D image. The 24-bit color is rich, but the imagery is tiny, measuring 96 x 128 […]  More

Sony Single-Lens 3-D at 240-fps

Sony is reportedly going to unveil a 240-frame-per-second, single-lens 3-D camera at CEATEC in Japan next week.  It’s not the first time single-lens 3-D has been shown, and it’s not necessarily ideal (what’s gained in eliminating dual-lens differences is lost in interpupilary distance), but it’s still interesting that Sony will be introducing a 240-fps camera.  More

Walkin' in a Camera Wonderland

If you want to see products that don’t appear in U.S. trade-press magazines, you need to go beyond NAB, SMPTE, and InfoCOMM. You need to go to the International Broadcasting Convention. IBC is my favorite trade show. I can leave work, catch an evening flight to Amsterdam, and take a train directly from the airport […]  More

3-D for the One-Eyed

Like the earliest movies, early TV was silent.  And the late, great television director Kirk Browning drove an ambulance during World War II.  Believe it or not, this post is about 3-D TV. Sound seems inseparable from video today, but ’twasn’t ever thus.  Writing in the Proceedings of the IRE [the Institute of Radio Engineers] […]  More