Schubin Chronicles

"Evil Ones"

Ground Zero” is an even more compelling sight at night than during the day. The rising smoke plumes are well defined by front, back, and side lighting. The twisted steel wreckage is more starkly defined. Workers were washing the dust off the sidewalks as I walked by. The amount that accumulates every day is astonishing. […]  More

All Hallows Eve

The residents of a block near me have adopted Halloween as their holiday. They get the police to close the street so kids can run back and forth, they decorate various buildings, and they create a dark, haunted house that is scary fun even for adults. That block is one of the many tiny neighborhoods […]  More

Being secure

You’d probably recognize one of the other residents of our apartment building. He’s been in some movies and has appeared on TV. He’s a very good actor but is not particularly famous. There are a few other actors in the building, as well as producers, directors, writers, dancers, artists, teachers, health-care workers, businesspeople, students, retirees, […]  More

Spring forward, fall back

I awoke today to the news that there had been a small earthquake — 2.6 on the Richter scale, enough to smash some dishes — at 1:42 this morning in Manhattan. What’s next, locusts? I heard the news on our local public-radio station, WNYC. It was one of the four FM stations broadcast from the […]  More

The Friday before October 31

The front page of yesterday’s New York Times quoted an “administration official” as follows: “The lesson we’re learning is that you can bomb the wrong place in Afghanistan and not take much heat for it. But don’t mess up at the post office.” I brought some mail to the post office today. It was empty. […]  More

Flu season

The weather report ended up, unusually, in the business section of today’s New York Times. It says Kabul will be much cooler on Saturday. Here in New York, we broke the old record-high temperature by two degrees yesterday. And on Monday we might hit a record low. It’s confusing. In Central Park, there were sunbathers […]  More

A little information

The tiny hardware store on Park Row, a couple of blocks from the World Trade Center site, had a good number of customers yesterday afternoon. The whole block seems to have returned to life since J&R, the electronics retailer, reopened on Monday. Even the street vendors had returned. I was at J&R to patriotically make […]  More

Bad terror and good terror

Chuck is not doing very well these days. He is one of the homeless people who hang around our block. We try to get to know them by name. Chuck reads all the time and offers good critical assessments of books. He sometimes wears eyeglass frames without lenses. He’d been coveting my pepper pants, so […]  More

Autumn in New York

This morning we ate apples that had fallen off a tree in Central Park. Yum! When you visit New York, you can take edible-flora tours that will introduce you to many more delicious plants in our urban oasis. I saw neither palanquin nor rickshaw nor anyone riding a camel or elephant in the park today, […]  More

On hate

“New Home, New Life,” an often humorous soap opera broadcast from Pakistan, reportedly reaches 80% of its target audience of radio listeners in Afghanistan. “Live with Regis and Kelly” doesn’t get nearly that rating here in New York. But there was still a large crowd this morning waiting to get into the studio, even though […]  More

Sightseeing and entertainment in New York

My eyes are still burning. My throat is still raw. I visited the site today. The smoky air was noticeable even before I emerged from the subway. I was not surprised to find people wearing face masks; I was more surprised that most weren’t. The view to the north was pretty much the usual. To […]  More