IBC 2017

IBC 2017: MX1 becomes full service provider for German TV station, eoTV

MX1, a global media services company, has been chosen by German TV station eoTV to handle all content management, playout, uplink, and distribution services via satellite for free-to-air TV. MX1 is also managing the broadcaster’s signal supply for HbbTV applications and to livestream online platforms such as freenet TV connect and Zattoo.  More

IBC 2017: VIDELIO is expanding Fox Sports layout facilities in the Netherlands

VIDELIO is expanding Fox Sports playout facilities located in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The platform which was originally deployed by VIDELIO in 2015 and upgraded in 2016, will be made fully redundant. A staging platform will also be implemented to validate future upgrades and new workflows prior to their roll-out.  More

IBC 2017: Dalet Digital Media Systems showcases Dalet Xtend integration panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Dalet Digital Media Systems is showcasing the new Dalet Xtend integration panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC at IBC2017. Dalet Xtend connects Adobe Premiere Pro users to the Dalet Galaxy MAM & Orchestration platform, providing a direct gateway to metadata-rich assets and facilitating cross-enterprise collaboration for video editors journalists, prep editors, sports producers and others.  More

IBC 2017: Yamaha releases MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System

Yamaha is releasing the MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System. With advanced audio routing capabilities and DSP features that are ideally suited to configure and manage monitor environments from stereo up to immersive audio configurations, the MMP1 will play a major role in music and post-production studios around the globe.  More

IBC 2017: AJA Video Systems debuts Desktop Software V14 for KONA, V2.0 firmware for Ki Pro Ultra Plus

AJA Video Systems is debuting new Desktop Software v14 for its family of KONA, Io and T-TAP products, and its new v2.0 firmware for the Ki Pro Ultra Plus multi-channel HD recorder and 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD recorder and player. Desktop Software v14 adds new features that simplify 4K/UHD and HDR workflows, as well as new audio capabilities […]  More

IBC 2017: Imagine Communications introduces Versio Platform to accelerate media workflows

Imagine Communications introduced Versio Platform, a modular and highly customizable media workflow platform designed to enable media companies to optimize their playout and related operations to meet finely tuned operational and business objectives. Versio Platform, which will be demonstrated at IBC 2017, provides content producers and distributors with a menu of tightly integrated functional building […]  More

IBC 2017: The Telos Alliance presents Telos Infinity IP Intercom

The Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group introduces the new Telos Infinity IP Intercom at IBC 2017 in booth 8.D47. A eap in scalability, ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership, Telos Infinity IP Intercom is in a new series of Telos Infinity solutions.  More

IBC 2017: Cisco Media Blueprint Provides IP Roadmap for M&E Industry

As consumer demand for more content in greater resolutions across their devices grows, media and entertainment companies are advancing their media production and distribution operations to accommodate the industry shift to IP, 4K, OTT, and mobile video. Cisco, together with its ecosystem partners, is implementing an innovative approach to helping global media customers transition to […]  More

IBC 2017: Riedel’s MediorNet powers decentralized routing infrastructure for the Sky Sport HQ production facility

Sky Deutschland AG (Sky Germany) is placing Riedel Communications’ MediorNet real-time media network at the center of a decentralized routing infrastructure for Sky Sport HQ, its landmark new sports broadcasting center in Munich. Featuring the MediorNet backbone deployed, Sky Sport HQ has an advanced broadcast infrastructures for live sports production. The MediorNet infrastructure is made […]  More

IBC 2017: NBCU Ramps Up Transition to IP, Cloud with Cisco Media Blueprint

NBCUniversal has aligned with Cisco Media Blueprint to transition NBCUniversal’s broadcast and video network architecture to IP and Cloud based on a set of IP-based infrastructure and software solutions that accelerate the creation, delivery and monetization of immersive experiences, as well as Cisco Advanced Services.  More

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