Smaller Pixels, Faster Pixels, and Better Pixels [video]

For any given sensor size, higher resolution means smaller pixels, which means less sensitivity, less contrast, and less dynamic range. Presented at the Washington, DC SMPTE on May 21, 2014. Video (TRT 25:48) Smaller Pixels, Faster Pixels, and Better Pixels (1536×864, mp4, 31 MB) Embed (540×304):  More

25 Years of HDTV Broadcasting

Today, according to calendars in the United States, is the 25th anniversary of China’s crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Yesterday, according to those same calendars, was the 25th anniversary of modern, regularly scheduled, HDTV broadcasting (in Japan). In the local time zones, where the HDTV broadcasting was received, it was actually the […]  More

NAB 2014: Don't Worry; Be Happy!

The 2nd Screen 4K IP 2014 NAB Show vs. the Real World. Mark Schubin’s NAB 2014 wrap-up. (Mark has visited every booth at every NAB show since 1973.) Presented at the Washington, DC SMPTE on May 21, 2014. Video (TRT 54:48) NAB 2014: Don’t Worry; Be Happy! (1536×864, mp4, 70 MB) Embed (540×304):  More

Live 4k Streaming (for opera, of course)

  The first commercial digital sound recording was of an opera. The first live television subtitles were for opera. And, now, live 4k opera streamed over the Internet. At 7 pm Central European Time on Wednesday, May 7, the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) will transmit Verdi’s opera Nabucco, with Placido Domingo in the title […]  More

He Went the Distance

There is no formula for being great, and there is no formula for the Lechner Distance. Bernie Lechner was the former and came up with the latter. He died on April 11. He was an engineer’s engineer. Engineers need to figure out problems, so Bernie was a listener. Engineers need to know what was tried before […]  More

"…Not in Our Stars…"

  A number of noteworthy events took place the week of April 6. Following the publication of former-President Jimmy Carter’s book A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power, current-President Barack Obama issued an executive order and a presidential memorandum to try to reduce inequality of pay between men and women. The annual equipment exhibition […]  More