L2 Productions Makes the Shift to At-Home Production Model

At-home production continues to gain steam and see increased adoption for sports coverage. Now even independent live-event packagers are making the move. Look no further than L2 Productions, the Austin, TX-based turnkey provider of live-production services. Company President Scott Rehling has grown so confident in the at-home model that he’s moving a large portion of […]  More

IP Production Forum: At-Home Production, By Any Name, Enables Broadcasters To Do More With Less

As networks expand their reliance on production systems located far from the venue for both cost reduction and flexibility, they increase their reliance on the IP transmission and technology connecting the onsite team with the at-home facilities. At SVG’s IP Production Forum in New York City last week, experts in at-home (also known as REMI […]  More

Portland Trail Blazers Put Networked Audio Through the Hoops

Although the focus has been on the migration of sports-television broadcasts to IP, sports radio, in many cases, is already there, tapping its foot and wondering what’s taking TV so long. About five years ago, the NBA eliminated the dedicated ISDN T1 lines it had used for more than a decade to interconnect the audio […]  More

News Roundup: What the Supreme Court’s Reversal of Sports-Betting Ban Could Mean for Sports-Media Industry (UPDATED 5/22/18)

In a landmark ruling on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports gambling, giving states the go-ahead to allow betting on sports. The 6-3 vote in favor of New Jersey in the case of Murphy vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association comes after nearly a decade of fighting to legalize sports gambling in the […]  More

IP Production Forum: The Roadmap for Transitioning to IP Routing, COTS Infrastructure

As the broadcast-production industry makes the transition from SDI baseband to IP, the sports-media sector is helping lead the way. And the transition starts with the router. Over the past three years, the market has seen mobile-unit providers like Game Creek Video and NEP roll out trucks built around IP routers, and several U.S. sports […]  More