Case Study: The Golf Channel Selects G&D’s ControlCenter-Digital matrix system

With an audience in eighty-four countries and thirteen languages around the world, NBC’s subsidiary is one of the most successful channels within this international market. As an NBC affiliate, the Golf Channel is using high-end equipment and systems from well renowned companies which provide systems and solutions for the broadcasting industry. The Golf Channel has […]  More

Panasas Streamlines Metadata Management, Halves Access Time for Sports Content Creators With New ActiveStor NAS Solution

Panasas has introduced the next generation of its ActiveStor scale-out NAS (network-attached–storage) solution, featuring the new ActiveStor Director 100 (ASD-100) control-plane engine and the ActiveStor Hybrid 100 (ASH-100) configurable plug-and-play hardware platform. The parallel storage system, which is capable of scaling capacity to 57 PB and delivering 360 GBps of bandwidth, doubles metadata performance to […]  More

TranSPORT 2017: To 4K or To 1080p HDR? That Is the Question

Delivery of live 4K UHD sports productions to the home has become a weekly occurrence in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Meanwhile, live HDR (in both 4K and 1080p) production is quickly ramping up, creating new transmission challenges for broadcasters. However, the majority of these live 4K and HDR events have yet to impact […]  More

DPA Intros CORE Mics for Onfield Audio

Danish manufacturer DPA Microphones used the recent AES Show in New York to introduce its CORE microphone-amplifier technology. The point of CORE is to reduce distortion and increase dynamic range, thereby increasing clarity and intelligibility. Although that’s a desirable goal for the traditional theatrical and general-broadcast applications of DPA’s lavalier microphones, the company is also […]  More

Tech Focus: Venue Sound Systems — A Boost to ROI Between Game Days

Every few years, sound-system design for sports venues hits a new inflection point. A decade ago, it was the addition of many more subwoofers, to accommodate pop music’s deeper integration of hip-hop elements (especially in NBA arenas). Before that, speech intelligibility had become a prime focus, as much for life-safety reasons as for esthetic ones. […]  More