wTVision Supplies APP World Tour With Live Standings, Stats Graphics

This year’s APP World Tour includes a wTVision PCR solution that combines PaddleSurfStats CG (developed specifically for this project) with R³ Space Engine (wTVision’s real-time 3D graphic engine), in a successful partnership with the Association of PaddleSurf Professionals that intends to take the sport to a larger audience.  More

Yamaha Establishes Three-Tier Partner Program With Exclusive Resources, Discussions

Yamaha Unified Communications has announced a new partner program. Now open for registration, the channel partner program is available to authorized Yamaha Unified Communication partners in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Program members that work directly with Yamaha UC will have access to critical tools, resources, and expertise designed to increase […]  More

Gearhouse Broadcast on World Cup Innovations, Challenges

With World Cup fever well and truly upon us, it is easy to forget the planning that has gone into making broadcast facilities work so smoothly. Gearhouse Broadcast is one of the companies that has worked closely with its clients for over a year to make dreams into realities, working to make sure everything is […]  More

Riot Games Boosts At-Home Production at League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational

The concept of at-home production is nothing new for Riot Games, which has been leveraging its West Los Angeles esports-production facility in some fashion for its live productions around the globe for several years. However, over the past 18 months, the videogame publisher has been working on taking the productions to the next level with […]  More

VSN Controls Media Management for Science/Medicine Product Channel

Medialuso has trusted VSN solutions for the creation of its new theme-based channel S+ through the integrator Mediaburst. The channel will focus on informing about the latest scientific developments, technological advances, innovative products, and new services available in the medical domain. It will broadcast both international documentaries and programs dedicated to a variety of medical […]  More