2019 SVG @ Esports Stadium Arlington


Corey Dunn, Esports Stadium Arlington, VP of Broadcast & Esports Locker, President

With 15 years of broadcasting experience for esports, Corey Dunn has focused on increasing the quality of live event streams. The beginning of his career started with 10 years of shoutcasting for international major esports events for a variety of game genres. Dunn has produced and directed several of the largest events in esports including Dreamhack, ESL, MLG, Eleague, and so on. He is now the VP of broadcast for Esports Stadium.

Jonathon Oudthone, Esports Stadium Arlington, President

Jonathon Oudthone has over 10 years of experience working directly in esports, with experience in event and broadcast production. From grass roots to the big stage, Oudthone has seen and developed all aspects of the industry and is most recently known for leading the design and development of North America’s largest dedicated esports facility, Esports Stadium Arlington – a $10 million project which was built in partnership with the City of Arlington. After working with brands such as the Houston Outlaws and OpTic Gaming to build out their live events verticals, Oudthone now serves as president of Esports Venues, a company that focuses on the design, development, and sustainability of esports dedicated venues and infrastructure.