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Bud Selig

The irony is inescapable. The sport that is often scorned as too old-fashioned for modern times was the one that began streaming every one of its games way back in 2003. Streaming was so new that YouTube’s first video was still two years away. And Bud Selig, the Major League Baseball commissioner who pushed MLB’s digital [...]

Dan Rooney

In American professional sports, there are owners, and then there are icons who influence the growth and prosperity of their sport well beyond their own franchise. Dan Rooney is one of the most distinguished owners in the history of team sports. His Pittsburgh Steelers grew up with the National Football League and were a key [...]

Ted Turner

Few individuals have had a greater impact on television and how billions of individuals saw the world than Ted Turner. Wildly ambitious and plainspoken, Turner is one of the most influential media moguls of the 20th century. He took on the television establishment and led the charge that made cable TV the power it would [...]

David Stern

During three decades as NBA commissioner, David Stern oversaw an era of unprecedented revenue growth and worldwide expansion en route to solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest commissioners in the history of pro sports. During his tenure, the league experienced a 30-fold increase in revenues and dramatically expanded its national-television exposure through a [...]

Paul Tagliabue

Paul Tagliabue has a way of looking at a big picture and neatly editing it down to its most essential parts. It’s a character attribute his many admirers are quick to mention, and it’s a trait that exhibits itself quickly in a conversation with the former commissioner of the National Football League. For example, ask [...]

Bill France Jr.

In 1972, Bill France Jr. was handed the reins to the family business after decades of learning how to drive it. Known as Bill Jr. even after his father passed away in 1992, he took the business Bill Sr. had created and elevated it to unprecedented heights no one, except perhaps Bill Jr., could have [...]

Steve Sabol

Pro-football legend and pioneer George Halas once called NFL Films the “keepers of the flame,” entrusted with preserving the game’s history as well as preaching the NFL gospel to future generations. Today, thanks largely to the luminous creative force of Steve Sabol, that flame shines brighter than ever nearly half a century after his father [...]

George Steinbrenner

For nearly 40 years, George M. Steinbrenner, late owner of the New York Yankees, was the very definition of the passionate owner who would do whatever it took to field a winning team. He also was one of the first owners to grasp that TV-related revenues could be important to a bottom line and could [...]

Ed Sabol

Before Ed Sabol turned a bird’s-eye view of the NFL into an all-access backstage tour, his cinematic experience consisted of home movies. The immensely creative overcoat salesman envisioned a new way to tell stories and, as the founder of NFL Films, taught himself everything he needed to know to revolutionize the way Americans watch sports. [...]

Pete Rozelle

No entity has had more of an impact on American sports broadcasting than the National Football League, and no single figure was more important to that league than Pete Rozelle. Commissioner of the NFL from 1960 to “89, Rozelle presided over the changes that made the NFL the nation’s premier professional sports organization and gave [...]