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John A. Walsh

Growing up, John A. Walsh rarely, if ever, saw his father clap or cheer for teams he rooted for. But that quiet façade covered a love of sport that included playing on his funeral home’s baseball team against Negro League teams and trips to Philadelphia from Scranton to enjoy sports as a fan. He also made sure [...]

Sean McManus

If a person is the company he keeps, it’s easy to understand why CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus is being inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. His mother, Margaret, and father, legendary broadcaster Jim McKay, instilled in him core values and ethics that have served him well personally and professionally. And then there [...]

Mike Pearl

In building some of the most iconic sports-television franchises ever and producing many of the most memorable sports telecasts of all time, Mike Pearl has helped redefine how fans watch sports on TV. Whether as an executive in the boardroom or a producer in the control room, he has maintained a flair for innovation, a [...]

Steve Bornstein

Few would argue that the two most influential and powerful entities in the U.S. sports are ESPN and the NFL, and it would be hard to envision either without the contributions of Steve Bornstein. As the president/CEO of ESPN throughout its unprecedented growth in the 1990s and the first-ever president of NFL Network, Bornstein joined [...]

Howard Katz

During more than four decades in the business, Howard Katz has earned a reputation as sports broadcasting’s true jack-of-all-trades, innovating and thriving in roles ranging from top production and programming executive to high-profile media-rights negotiator and NFL scheduling guru. Currently COO of NFL Films and SVP of NFL Broadcasting, Katz has played key production and [...]

George Bodenheimer

“My first day at ESPN was a rather sharp awakening to my duties,” recalls George Bodenheimer, former president of ESPN and current executive chairman, of his first day working in the mailroom at the then fledgling network. “I wore a coat and tie to work, and that lasted about 30 minutes as I was moving [...]

Mark McCormack

One of the world’s most successful sports businesses started with a handshake. Mark McCormack was a 29-year-old Cleveland lawyer looking to get a startup business off the ground in 1960. Seeing the rising value of athletes in the budding television age, he pursued the opportunity to represent and maximize the earnings of golfers, and, needing [...]

Don Ohlmeyer

The brilliant creative force that is Don Ohlmeyer devoted his sports-broadcasting career to elevating the story above the event. Spreading his talents across multiple sports, networks, and genres, Ohlmeyer took chances with personnel, production choices, and technology, constantly pushing for new ways to better tell the story. Ohlmeyer’s own broadcasting story begins at the University [...]

Roone Arledge

Without primetime sports coverage, there would be little need for sports technology, and without Roone Arledge, there would be no primetime sports coverage. Life magazine named him one of the 100 most important Americans of the 20th century, but in the sports world, Arledge is in the top 10. Roone Pinckney Arledge Jr. crafted the [...]

Barry Frank

In sports television, few individuals are lucky enough to make a name for themselves in a single profession. Barry Frank has made his name in three, forever changing the business in the process. “There probably will never be anybody in the industry who has worn as many hats as Barry has,” says Sean McManus, president [...]