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Stan Honey

The 1st & Ten line on football telecasts. K-Zone and pitch-tracking on baseball. Car-tracking pointer graphics on NASCAR. LiveLine course markers on the America’s Cup. And anything dubbed “augmented reality” on sports TV. Today, these elements are fixtures that fans have come to expect in live sports telecasts, but none of the technologies would exist [...]

Joe Cohen

Joseph M. Cohen has no shortage of firsts — and seconds and thirds — in the TV business. He negotiated the first-ever cable-rights contracts with the NBA, NHL, and MLB; started two television networks (MSG and USA); and bought HTN, the company he later sold to the Switch in 2013, three times. Currently president of [...]

Pat Sullivan

When it comes to careers in the sports industry, it is safe to say that few people have worked in as many aspects of the business as Pat Sullivan, president and founder of Game Creek Video, a company that, over the past 20 years, has become one of the industry’s leading production-services providers and innovators. [...]

George Orgera

George Orgera, founding CEO and president of F&F Productions, remains a man of vision and the driving force behind a company whose success story is rooted in a commitment to engineering excellence backed by a team of veteran broadcasters who, over the years, have traveled its remote-television-production units to virtually every country in the Western [...]

Mickey Wittman

Mickey Wittman may not have been the first person to put a camera in a blimp (that was fellow Hall of Famer Frank Chirkinian), but he is the man most responsible for transforming it from a gimmick to a mainstay, both as a production element and as a commercial element. And like many Hall of [...]

Barry Johnstone

In a 40-year career, Barry Johnstone has had just three jobs. After a 10-year stint in the record business, the perennial salesman has spent 33 years as managing director of CTV Outside Broadcasts, one of Europe’s leading mobile-production-truck providers. Since beginning work at age 15, Johnstone has had some remarkable adventures, but OB trucks have [...]

Ray Dolby

The word iconic is used a lot in broadcast to describe the Paleys and the Sarnoffs who molded the business side of the industry. On the technical side of that equation, the name perhaps most deserving of the term is Dolby, as in Ray Dolby, whose name has become synonymous with excellence in broadcast-audio technology. Dolby [...]

Deb Honkus

NEP Broadcasting CEO Deb Honkus has grown up alongside her remote-production trucks. In more than 30 years, she has built compelling client relationships that make her more a friend than a service provider. Her mobile units have supported every major sports event in the country, and her influence is felt among clients, colleagues, and friends [...]

Larry Thorpe

You can’t spell HD without Larry Thorpe. A constant innovator, he has worked his magic across continents, companies, and industries, leaving an indelible trail of success throughout the broadcast world. Thorpe earned an early reputation for innovation as the project manager on the world’s first automated color studio camera, then revolutionized imaging with the chargecoupled [...]

Tom Shelburne

Because of Tom Shelburne, “live on location” is not a special event but an industry standard. The father of remote television production, he has spent decades capturing and telling stories from even the most secluded events, making the mobile production trucks he helped create an integral piece of the broadcasting puzzle. Shelburne founded NEP Supershooters, [...]