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Jack Simmons

Upper management, production, remote operations, studio operations, on-air operations, accounting, purchasing, and even the mailroom — Jack Simmons has done it all in nearly five decades at Fox Sports and NBC Sports. And he has done it while being one of the most well-liked and -respected individuals in the business. By leveraging his experience in nearly every [...]

Andrea Berry

Trailblazer. Pioneer. Groundbreaker. Throughout Andrea Berry’s decades-long career in sports broadcasting, these descriptors have beenattributed to her time and time again, each with excellent reason. Berry blazed a trail as one of the first female tech managers at CBS in the mid ’80s, pioneered field operations for Fox Sports in the ’90s and 2000s, and [...]

Jerry Steinberg

Referred to as “The Godfather” by his Fox Sports colleagues, Jerry Steinberg is an icon of remote sports production. Logging stints at ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and Fox during his 35-plus–year career, he was an original member of two startup teams: the ones responsible for launching ESPN in 1979 and Fox Sports in 1994. From [...]

Ken Aagaard

There are those who are passionate about their careers and use that passion to move themselves forward. And then there are the exceptions like Ken Aagaard, EVP of operations and production services, CBS Sports, who has spent a career providing a rising tide for those around him. “Ken has been a gift to our industry [...]

Chuck Pagano

Next year, ESPN will open the doors on DC2, a new production home for SportsCenter and other ESPN programs. The facility will take advantage of next-generation technologies that promise to make the plant and ESPN ready for whatever the future may hold. It will also serve, in many ways, as the crowning achievement for the [...]

Jack Weir

There was a time when broadcasting decisions had to travel through numerous channels at a network. There was a time when television transmission was done over phone lines. There was a time the Olympics were a just modest program offering. Then came Jack Weir, whose 40-year career at NBC changed all that. “From an operations [...]

George Hoover

A sports-broadcasting career is often the sum of one’s experiences: the vast majority of industry professionals have worked for a variety of networks, with numerous production crews, and on countless events. Sports Broadcasting Hall of Famer George Hoover exemplifies that career trajectory — and then some. His career has been marked by the opportunity to [...]

Julius Barnathan

Julius Barnathan was the original behind-the-scenes revolutionary. When he was head of broadcast operations and engineering for ABC, Barnathan’s technical know-how infused the network’s every innovation, from hand-held cameras and slow motion to character generation and closed captioning. Throughout his 40 years at ABC, he engineered creative dreams into broadcast reality and helped jump-start the [...]

George Wensel

In his tragically short, 15-year career, George Wensel did more to advance sports production than most people achieve in a lifetime. A technical wizard, he had an unmatched passion for engineering and a can-do attitude that built the foundation for the mobile broadcast industry. “If George Wensel were alive today, our business would be different,” [...]

Marvin Bader

No sporting event is more logistically challenging than the Olympic Games, but, without Marvin Bader, the logistics might have overwhelmed the Olympic movement. As VP of Olympic Operations for ABC during the network’s heyday of Olympic broadcasts, Bader oversaw production operations for 10 Olympiads between 1968 and 1992, created the modern accreditation system, and was [...]