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Michael Weisman

For most youngsters, the glamour of TV is theoretical. But, for Mike Weisman, whose father, Edward, was a publicist at ABC and then at NBC Sports, it was reality. He wasn’t growing up on TV sets, but he did have the chance to be part of publicity shots for TV stars and even a publicity [...]

Bill Webb

Few individuals have had a more significant impact on the look and style of baseball on television than Bill Webb. The veteran director’s fast-paced camera cuts, extreme close-ups of the intensity on players’ faces, and timely snapshots of passionate fans in the stands have become standard in any baseball game televised today. During nearly four [...]

Sandy Grossman

Sandy Grossman’s numbers as a live-sports director speak for themselves: 10 Super Bowls, 18 NBA Finals, five Stanley Cup Finals, and eight Emmy Awards. However, in order to grasp the indelible impact Grossman had on live sports television during his nearly five decades in the business, you have to go beyond the numbers. “If you [...]

David Hill

David Hill is the man who crashed the party — and became the life of it. The Australia-born business leader dramatically changed sports television in multiple countries with his innovative mind and magnetic persona. Hill led the launch of News Corp.’s sports division in 1993 and instantly made a splash with technical innovations, including the [...]

Allan B. (Scotty) Connal

Leaving a legacy in an organization is something many people can dream of. But leaving a lasting legacy in two important organizations? That is what the late Scotty Connal accomplished. During a 49-year career, he not only helped NBC News and Sports rise to the top but also played a key role in ESPN’s journey. [...]

Ed Goren

By now, we recall great games from the way we saw them on television, and, to a large extent, the way those sports events looked is because of the imagination of Ed Goren. The former vice chairman of Fox Sports Media Group assembled a sports life that is more like a highlight reel of great [...]

Dick Ebersol

In the sports industry, it is rare to find an executive who is both brilliant at business and an exceptional marketer. Dick Ebersol is both, plus an outstanding producer. A legendary storyteller known for his passion, creativity, and execution, he is a superstar in not one field but three. “In this business, you never really [...]

Ted Nathanson

Perhaps the only director to don protective elbow pads before his broadcasts, Teddy Nathanson was a study in contrasts. Absent-minded and forgetful outside the production truck, he was laser-sharp inside it, directing 21 Wimbledon championships and 13 Super Bowls during his 37 years at NBC. With intensity tempered by a penchant for practical jokes, Nathanson’s [...]

Harry Coyle

Anyone who has ever watched a World Series game is familiar with the work of Harry Coyle. A director who spent 42 years creating the on-air look of baseball games, he was the thread connecting the first 35 televised World Series, and his innovations changed productions throughout the sports world. “Harry was one of those [...]

Frank Chirkinian

Frank Chirkinian is best described in his own words: “I was probably the most innovative and brilliant son of a bitch that ever worked in television. I’ve done so damn many things I can’t remember half of them.” The father of televised golf, Chirkinian produced 38 consecutive Masters Tournament telecasts, making golf a mainstay in [...]