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Linda Rheinstein

Sports Broadcasting Hall of Famers are often industry disruptors, but rarely has there been as unique a disruptive force as Linda Rheinstein. The graphics pioneer has consistently pushed the envelope in every facet of her life and adhered to a personal philosophy to not wait for someone to do what she can do herself. Throughout her [...]

Bob Mikkelson

If you’ve watched big-time football and big-time golf events, the odds are good that you have seen the work of Bob Mikkelson, president/founder of Winged Vision and a member of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Class of 2016. The odds are also good that you’ve been impressed by what you have seen: Mikkelson has [...]

Fred Aldous

Fred Aldous brought a musician’s ear to broadcast-sports audio. That’s evident in “Crank It Up” — a three- to four-minute “drum solo” composed solely of sound effects from NASCAR tracks and cars and now a fixture on Fox Sports’ coverage of NASCAR races — and in the collaborative audio-team effort that he led. In college, Aldous’s [...]

Bob Dixon

Though not particularly passionate about sports, Bob Dixon changed the way the world hears them on television.Part of the first network group dedicated to Olympics production and having worked on Olympics broadcasts since the 1984 Los Angeles Games, Dixon has guided the evolution of Olympics broadcast sound from mono to stereo (1988 Seoul) to discrete [...]

Joe Schiavo

Friends of Joe Schiavo — or Joey, as everyone seems to call him — like to tell the same story about the journeyman technical director. He was working at YES Network a few years ago, producing Mike Francesa’s radio show on location at a golf tournament in Westchester, NY. One of the guests slated for [...]

Cory Leible

During more than four decades at NBC, Cory Leible revolutionized the use of the handheld camera on everything from NFL sidelines to U.S. Open putting greens to presidential inaugurations. He elevated the role of the handheld operator to an art form, offering viewers a new perspective for watching live sports. “For over 30 years, Cory [...]

Ron Scalise

It was in the early 1980s when Ron Scalise joined ESPN as an A2, helping the then-fledgling network cover events at the Hartford (CT) Civic Center. Over the next 25 years, his impact on the industry followed the same trajectory as that of the network, and Scalise not only redefined the sports-audio experience for viewers [...]

Bob Seiderman

Ten years after Bob “Spider” Seiderman lost a battle with cancer, his legacy lives on in the flying faders of sports-production audio-mixing rooms across the country. TV sports fans can feel as though they are on the field of play, thanks to Seiderman’s dedication to audio perfection and numerous innovations. While at Fox Sports, he [...]

Steve Laxton

When it comes to life on the front bench of a sports production, it is often the technical director who is in the hot seat. The role demands a tremendous amount of focus and clearheadedness, for it is the technical director (TD) who turns the mental vision of the director and producer into a comprehensive [...]

Davey Finch

In 30 years as lead handheld camera operator for CBS Sports, Davey Finch has defined the use of the handheld. From the days of loaded, cumbersome cameras that weighed almost as much as the operator to today’s versatile minis, he has turned the mechanical instrument into a paintbrush, creating an artistic platform for the mini-camera [...]