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Cobalt Digital Rolls Out Latest openGear, Blue Box Group Products

February 19th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By SVG Staff

At the 2015 NAB Show, Cobalt Digital (Booth N2722) will highlight 27 advancements in processing and convergence products across three of its primary product platforms — the openGear-compatible 2-RU high-capacity Modular Terminal Gear System, the Blue Box Group BBG-1000 line of 1-RU rack-mountable stand-alone systems, and the original Blue Box Group series of miniature throwdown converters. In various combinations, these products formulate many solutions required by broadcasters and content producers every day. 

The Cobalt Digital products being introduced at the 2015 NAB Show contain innovations in ancillary data processing, insertion, extraction, and monitoring; advancements in audio and video processing; and enhancements to DTV/MPEG and fiber-optic offerings.

“Cobalt Digital’s development projects are based on specific technical requirements and customer applications gained from direct interaction with our staff,” says Bob McAlpine, EVP, Sales and Marketing. “We pride ourselves on cost-effective innovations for both openGear and the Blue Box Group products and the resultant quality of our products.” 

One major area of focus at the 2015 NAB Show will be on products that have evolved along with the openGear standard.

openGear-Compatible Modular Terminal Gear System 
Among Cobalt Digital’s evolutionary steps forward will be the 9922-2FS dual-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI framesync with audio and video processing features and a high-density footprint, allowing for 20 paths of signal synchronization in 2 RU.

Also new is the 9960-TG2-REF1 dual-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI test signal generator with “bouncing box” motion patterns, bi/tri-level sync output, and ancillary timecode generator.

In addition, the 9980-CSC 3G/HD/SD-SDI color space converter supports real-time RGB color correction for 1080p60 signals. The converter can be controlled over Ethernet with the popular OGCP-9000/CC control panel.

The 9940-4×1-CS clean and quiet bypass router provides glitchless audio and video switching with a relay-protected output and GPI/O for monitoring and control.

Cobalt Digital is also bringing easy-to-use ancillary data tools to market with the 9950-EMDE-ANC data embedder/de-embedder and 9978-ANC-MON ancillary data monitor for end-to-end data transmission workflows.

Ancillary Data Monitor for End-to-End Data Transmission Workflows
Part of a suite of data-processing products that also includes an insertion and extraction tool and a new solution card for openGear users, the ANC-MON combines the probing capabilities of multiple pieces of test equipment into a single tool that automatically probes various types of ancillary data and alerts broadcast control room operators when data is out of spec. Cobalt Digital will demonstrate the new tool at the 2015 NAB Show, along with its insertion/extraction counterpart, in an openGear frame configuration.

The ANC-MON plays a key role in regulatory compliance by continuously and automatically monitoring ancillary data such as SCTE 104 messages, active format description, embedded audio, closed captioning, and program loudness. In this manner, the ANC-MON gives operators confidence that signals are presented accurately and provides engineers and management with proof of compliance with FCC and other regulations, as well as proof of ad insertions. The tool checks the data at multiple points in a facility’s workflow and alerts the operator when the data falls out of step with any preset thresholds. The operator can then call upon engineering staff to pinpoint and fix the problem.

The ANC-MON probes can be distributed across all of the facility’s signals, eliminating the need to deploy expensive scopes, analyzers, and other test and measurement equipment — and the human intervention it requires — until an alarm is generated, thereby reducing both personnel and equipment costs. The probes are designed for use by control room operators, who get a visual indication of any problems when alarm data is overlaid onto the video image on the screen (or screens) in front of them. At the same time, ANC-MON creates a data-centric view for engineers and management, who can use it for troubleshooting or to generate reports that prove compliance and DPI message presence.

The ANC-MON’s alarm messages are issued as SNMP traps, which can be integrated into open-standard network management systems for logging and trend analysis. Additionally, the unit natively supports the openGear DashBoard™ control and monitoring application as well as an internally generated HTML5 Web-GUI interface, which allows for remote control and monitoring via the Internet.

The ANC-MON comes in two form factors. The 9978-ANC-MON is a card module for the openGear frame system used in high-density rack-mount applications. The ANC-MON is also available in Cobalt’s Blue Box Group™ BBG-1000 platform, a stand-alone desktop enclosure with front-panel control and integrated Web GUI control. Known as the BBG-1078-ANC-MON, this solution enables easy deployment in the field for customers that don’t require high card density.

Cobalt Digital will demonstrate the capabilities of the ANC-MON probe and other openGear-cards and enclosures at the 2015 NAB Show in booth N2722. The ANC-MON tools will be available in Q2.

Blue Box Group BBG-1000 Series

Cobalt Digital Blue Box Group BBG-1000 Series

Cobalt Digital Blue Box Group BBG-1000 Series

Each of the new products being launched for the openGear-compliant platform will also be available in the BBG-1000 series, a line of desktop stand-alone enclosures that have front-panel controls and can be rack-mounted to provide up to three systems in 1 RU. Each box in the series supports the openGear DashBoard control and monitoring application, as well as Web GUI control and monitoring via an integrated HTML5 Web server.