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NAB Perspectives: Encompass Touts Transmission Partnership With LTN

April 28th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Brandon Costa

As the move to IP dominated headlines at NAB 2015, Encompass Digital Media talked up its partnership with LTN Global Communications and the next-generation managed IP network. Together, the two companies provide a solution for affordable, reliable transmission services across the globe.

Chris Myers (left), EVP, global OU services, Encompass Digital Media, chats with Malik Khan, executive chairman, LTN Global Communications, about their companies' partnership.

Chris Myers (left), EVP, global OU services, Encompass Digital Media, chats with Malik Khan, executive chairman, LTN Global Communications, about their companies’ partnership.

SVG sat down with Chris Myers, EVP, global OU services, Encompass Digital Media, and Malik Khan, executive chairman, LTN Global Communications, to discuss transmission methods of the future.

What’s the background of this partnership between your two companies?
Chris Myers:
From Encompass’s point of view, we think LTN is proving itself a reliable and cost-effective means of sports transmission, and Encompass views LTN as a unique partner. So we’re offering our customers end-to-end solutions using the LTN network.

Malik Khan: We have the corollary of that. Encompass, to us, represents a very established, mainstream supplier of video and audio services. We think of ourselves as sort of the next-generation IP-based managed network that delivers broadcast-quality transmissions using the Internet as a last mile and going to our own backbone network. It’s a very natural melding of both companies.

In what ways has this partnership benefited your customers?
I’ll take the college market as an example. We have undertaken an investment to build infrastructure that has allowed 100 colleges today to get onto the LTN network, and, by the end of the year, we will have 200 colleges and universities that have access to the LTN network. That allows them to do several things they couldn’t do before. It’s a completely interconnected network. So any school on that network can share information with any other college, can share with any television station.

The colleges pay for it when they use it; there’s no fixed monthly fee, no capitol expense. It’s an infrastructure that really kicks them into a new era, where they used to have only one or two truck events a month for linear programming. Now, whether they want to go on a CDN, go over-the-top, go fiber, go to an all-IP network, we give them the gateway, and, with Encompass, we give them the path to everybody.

CM: We provide critical handoff points to and from the LTN networks at our Atlanta, London, Singapore, and New York hubs. We’re a critical link for LTN from their IP network to the traditional fiber and satellite networks. We provide all types of video services to and from LTN: encoding, transcoding, IP encapsulation, full teleport services all globally to and from the LTN network. So we really are a good partnership.

We’ve been working together pretty closely for the past three years, but we’ve seen very rapid growth in LTN’s business through us, and it just seems to be growing day by day.

MK: It’s a wonderful way for customers to seamlessly and in a revolutionary way go from the traditional to the new. Between the two of us, we can get them anywhere. That’s really the power of LTN and Encompass working together.

Can you address the reliability of IP transmission. It’s really popular around the floor today, but do any lingering concerns still exist in the industry?
One thing that we at Encompass notice is that, between LTN and us, we can offer “five-nines” of reliability. In the three years, we’ve been working with LTN, we’ve never experienced an outage on their network. I think that says a lot. I don’t think we can say that about any other forms of transmission. I personally think that the Internet is now ready for video.