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NAB Perspectives: Nemal’s Nemser Looks To Boost SMPTE-Cable Durability

April 28th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Brandon Costa

Acquisition tools tend to be the sexy items at conventions like the NAB Show, but transmission certainly had its day in the Vegas desert this year. One of the industry leaders in this space, Nemal was on hand to show off its new FOCC24S7 extra-flexible reduced-diameter SMPTE camera cable, along with its complete family of SMPTE cables, panels, and adapters.

CEO Ben Nemser at the Nemal booth

CEO Ben Nemser at the Nemal booth

SVG had the chance to chat with Nemal CEO Ben Nemser about the latest in SMPTE-fiber technology and how opticalCON flexibility is opening up new opportunities for end users.

For sports broadcast, what are the highlights of your product line at NAB 2015?
We have a brand-new cable: a 7-mm SMPTE cable with a polyurethane jacket for rugged field use. This cable will work up to 1,000 ft., and it really, we feel, offers an optimum combination of durability, size, weight, cost, and flexibility. We’ve tried to balance all of those factors in a nice package, and we’re very happy with how it came out. So we are introducing it at [the NAB] Show.

The jacket is resistant to being run over by a truck, cutting, spikes, oil, gas, chemicals, high and low temperature. We’ve had the cable tested in Brazil and Mexico, two of the harshest environments to broadcast from in the world, and they have both given it rave reviews.

Any special features available? What makes Nemal stand out at NAB 2015?
Our SMPTE cable itself is approved by LEMO and by Neutrik, and we are, as a company, a Neutrik-approved assembling facility for the opticalCON. We’re one of the very few companies that can actually make the cable and [are approved] to terminate the cable.

One of the other things we came out with for this show is a whole family of Neutrik opticalCON adapters. So we offer almost every combination of a box to a fan-out, a connector to a fan-out, a duo-conductor opticalCON, a four-fiber opticalCON, a connector to a box with the connectors mounted in. We do this in any standard fiber connector: it can be ST, LC, even something different if someone really wanted it.

We can sell them either as individual pieces or as a kit. We take 1,000 ft. of a single-mode TAC-4 fiber and put it on a reeler. It’s got an opticalCON on each end, and, with all of the different adapters, you can basically go from anything on one end to anything on the other end. And one person can pick up the reel and transmit 1,000 ft.