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NAB Perspectives: Thinklogical Execs Are Enthusiastic About Partnership With NEP

April 28th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Brandon Costa

As production vehicles begin to adopt an IP-based routing system and trucks become more interconnected, the types of services provided by Thinklogical become more critical to the overall workflow.

At NAB 2015, Thinklogical showcased its full range of KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) and video-signal–management solutions. Demonstrations included the new TLX Series 10-Gbps platform, which supports uncompressed 4K at 60-Hz video extension and switching at full resolution and color depth (4096×2160 resolution, 4-4-4 color depth) over just two fiber or CATx cables.

Bob Ventresca (left), VP, worldwide marketing, and Richard Cooper, VP, sales, U.S. Commercial and Canada, in Thinklogical's booth

Bob Ventresca (left), VP, worldwide marketing, and Richard Cooper, VP, sales, U.S. Commercial and Canada, in Thinklogical’s booth

The highlight, though, goes back to trucks: the company announced a new partnership with NEP Group. A to-be-launched NEP truck will feature a Thinklogical 320V 6.25-Gbps fiber-optic video matrix switch and modular, space-saving Thinklogical KVM extenders with DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) optics.

SVG caught up with Bob Ventresca, VP, worldwide marketing, and Richard Cooper, VP, sales, U.S. commercial and Canada, to discuss the exciting developments.

So what’s new with Thinklogical, and how is it particularly applicable to sports?
Bob Ventresca:
The new thing that we are showing here is our new 10-Gbps platform that allows you to extend 4K at full resolution and full color depth using only two fibers. The unique thing that Thinklogical brings to the table is uncompressed, and that actually ends up being pretty significant in almost all broadcast environments. The compression changes dramatically how people are dealing with both performance and capability. If someone is editing, uncompressed means no loss of pixels, no loss of frames, no loss of latency. It’s high-performance. This plays into not just sports productions but also into sports broadcasting. Sports is immediate, and the ability to handle that type of video, audio, and switching at that performance level is mission-critical.

As for the new relationship Thinklogical has with NEP Broadcasting, what are you bringing to the table in that new truck?
Richard Cooper:
It’s a great relationship because it’s very two-way. They tell us what they want; they tell us how we can improve our products to help them. Trucks are always very tight on space and power, so the ergonomics of the equipment are very important. It’s very much a conversation we have with them. We have redesigned components of the system to suit their needs. We enjoy that kind of partnership. It’s the only way we can improve our products and make them better for the industry.

We are supplying them with complete KVM routing infrastructure for the truck build. Our solution is being used not only for conventional computer monitor/keyboard extension but also, in particular, in conjunction with EVS. We are one of the few manufacturers who can work with the EVS jog control as well. The equipment is in one unit, the operator is in another; we interconnect the units via fiber.

Any big trends emerging at this year’s show? What are your big takeaways?
Clearly, 4K and what does it mean is a big part of it. It’s funny, because it runs the gamut. Some people are skeptical, wondering if 4K is real or hype, and there are others who are already working in not only 4K but 4K at 120 Hz. They need the highest and quickest, and it’s very real. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see how the market responds. We are the type of vendor that provides the type of products to address those customer needs. As people look to the future toward 4K and beyond, they still need to do the day-to-day things, and it’s our role to make sure we give them that as well.

RC: I think we are unique in the infrastructure we provide, because there is an upgrade path without having to bring in the proverbial forklift to take the old out and bring the new in. We’ve been very careful in designing the products so we can utilize as much of the Thinklogical infrastructure that [customers] purchased and yet still give them that path to 4K. 4K is the buzzword, and, even if someone is not doing it today, they have to plan for it tomorrow.