LiveTV:LA 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017Uniting Satellite and IP with Intelsat, PSSI Strategic TelevisionThe transmission industry is evolving rapidly as IP has become a massive player. Satellite provider Intelsat is looking to meet their clientele's IP needs while continuing to inject satellite reliability with its Prism solution. We caught up with Steve Stennett, Intelsat's Senior Product Manager and Matt Bridges, President of PSSI Strategic Television (who partners with Intelsat on the solution) to discuss this multimedia networking platform and portfolio of managed services that allows customers to upgrade a legacy satellite-based network to a next-generation automated hybrid satellite and terrestrial converged IP network.Thursday, August 3, 2017LiveTV:LA: At-Home Productions, IP and the Changing Face of Live Events [FULL PANEL]The live event community is buzzing about Remi and @Home Productions and 2017 is shaping up to be as the year when IP-based production workflows enable productions teams to work in new ways. How will an end-to-end IP-based live event production facility change the way you go about your job? How does it improve the speed with which the production team can operate and get ready for an event? And what are the limitations and risks of leaving the world of baseband video behind? Panelists: Rick Phelps, Deluxe, SVP, Broadcast Sales Leon Schweir, Pac-12 Networks, SVP, Production Dave Shaw, NFL Media, VP, Production Jonathan Solomon, Aspera (an IBM Company), Senior Sales and Systems Engineer Larry Thaler, The Video Call Center, CEO Moderator: Jeff Jacobs, Viacom Global Entertainment Group, SVP, Production Planning, Strategies, and OperationsWednesday, August 2, 2017Program Productions CEO/President Rob Carzoli Believes the Business Has Never Been StrongerThe remote production industry is at an intriguing point in its history. The biggest shows are looking to push the boundaries with technologies like 4K and high-dynamic-range (HDR), while a large swath is look at more cost-friendly measures such as "at-home" models. Based in Chicago, Program Productions is instrumental in the production of live sports television nationwide, including NESN which recently partners with Program to support home Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins telecasts. Company CEO/president Rob Carzoli joined us to discuss the health of the business and to analyze how the economics of the remote production industry are changing in this new media world.Tuesday, August 1, 2017LiveTV:LA: Production Executive Roundtable - Production in the Digital Age [FULL PANEL]As social media continues to rise as an important live event content distribution platform there is a ripple effect that impacts the way event operations are planned and managed. Experts in operations and production management take to the stage to share their tips to making sure ever-expanding production needs continue to operate smoothly. Panelists: Frank Coll, NEP Group, Senior Account Manager, U.S. Mobile Units Randall Heer, Vista Studios, Founder/Partner and CEO Theresa Jackson, Fox Sports, Executive Director, Operations Lynn King, VER, Director of Crewing, Operations, and Travel Jeff Proctor, ProAngle Media, Co-Founder and President Moderator: Andrea Berry, Industry ConsultantTuesday, August 1, 2017VER's Lynn King is Using Social Media to Help Crew Her ShowsSocial media has had a tremendous impact on the job market in this country. the same is true in the live video production industry. At LiveTV:LA, Lynn King, Director of Crewing, Operations, and Travel at VER shares how she uses social media to fill critical roles in her crews.Tuesday, August 1, 2017ProAngle Media's Jeff Proctor on Digital Immigrants vs. Digital NativesThere's no doubt that the expectations of digital-native viewers are vastly different from previous generations. At LiveTV:LA, Jeff Proctor, Co-Founder and President at ProAngle Media says its the live entertainment industry's responsibility to meet those demands.Tuesday, July 25, 2017LiveU's Mike Savello Dishes on LiveU Solo and the Growing Trend of At-Home ProductionLiveU solutions aim to serve one goal, make live broadcasting possible from anyone and under virtually any conditions. The company's VP of Sales Mike Savello joins us to talk about the latest with LiveU Solo and how LiveU technology is playing a critical role in various "at-home" productions popping up around the country. LiveU served as the Title Sponsor of the LiveTV:LA conference at Universal City, Calif. on July 19.Monday, July 24, 2017LiveTV:LA 2017: Producing the Esports Revolution with ESL's Rob MikulickaEsports continues to gain the attention of traditional broadcasters, leagues, and even sports teams, but how will this phenomenon be broadcast to its millions of viewers around the world? What's unique about an esports broadcast from traditional sports? What tools are making the storytelling of esports more consumable to the average viewer? Rob Mikulicka is the Director of Operations at ESL, a esports power responsible for popular brands like Counterstrike, League of Legends, and more. He addresses these questions and more during a Q&A from the stage of the LiveTV:LA conference in Universal City, CA.Friday, July 21, 2017LiveTVLA 2017: Keynote Conversation With Industry Legend David HillDavid Hill, one of the great, innovative television executives, has dramatically impacted how viewers consume everything from sports to music to awards shows. In a keynote conversation at the LiveTV:LA conference in Universal City, Calif, Hill talked about everything from the need for producers to continue to change their approach to his takes on emerging properties such as esports and darts.