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Tuesday, May 23, 2023Ryval Studios' Jon Morgan on the Competitive Advantage of Elite StorytellingIn the world of sports content creation, storytelling is king and among the production companies leading the way in the art form of creating video content is Ryval Studios. The Emmy award winning house is known for producing content that helps brands compete in a crowded media world. Based in St. Louis, the self-described "small shop" packs a big punch with its work, having struck big wins with sports clients like the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes and St. Louis Blues and the University of Illinois Football Team. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Ryval Studios' Founder/Executive Producer Jon Morgan speaks with SVG's Director of Digital Brandon Costa about some of the company's biggest projects, what advice he would give a sports entity looking to bring aboard a production house for a marquee project, and more.Thursday, April 6, 2023Black Box’s John Hickey on Powering Remote KVM Systems for Professional Teams, VenuesThe Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome Black Box as a new premier sponsor. The company is a trusted IT solutions provider delivering technology solutions and consulting services to businesses around the globe. The breadth of Black Box’s global reach and expertise accelerate customer success by bringing people, ideas, and technology together to solve real-world business problems. Our IT infrastructure solutions, services, and products enable secure, flawless connectivity and meaningful collaboration for businesses in every major market sector on six continents. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with Black Box’s Senior Director, KVM Systems, John Hickey, about the company’s full portfolio of production and control room solutions, the work being done with professional teams and venues, including the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, and provides a preview of their involvement at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas.Wednesday, March 29, 2023Data Expedition, Inc.'s Seth Noble on Accelerating Cloud Storage for a Remote Production WorkplaceSports Video Group is delighted to welcome Data Expedition, Inc. (DEI) as a new corporate sponsor. The company is the creator of an intelligent data transport software that instantly adapts to any network path to deliver data as fast as the infrastructure can handle it. Since 2000, DEI has provided data transport solutions to companies of all sizes across nearly every continent and industry. The company's patented MTP/IP technology uses unique flow-control and error recovery algorithms to achieve high-network efficiency across all IP networks. Companies using or integrating DEI's solutions can move data at the full speed of the underlying infrastructure without human intervention and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Jason Dachman spoke with Data Expedition CEO/Founder Seth Noble to provide a brief overview of the company's solutions, including key products like Expedat, CloudDat, and SyncDat,  how these services apply to the sports-production space, and how DEI becomes vital to the market as cloud storage becomes a bigger part of the equation.Monday, March 20, 2023M2A Media's Matt Hughes On the Emergence of Live Cloud ProductionLive production in the cloud is arguably one of the most rapidly growing trends in the sports media industry today. M2A Media is an industry leader when it comes to developing solutions and services that help broadcasters scale their workflows and get the most out of the AWS public cloud. In the latest SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, we welcome M2A Media to the SVG family and sit down with the company's Chief Commercial Officer Matt Hughes to discuss the company's product line and how they are working hard to help me the unique challenges that broadcasters are facing in moving key operational workflows to the cloud. M2A Media recently announced that it will launch its latest product feature, encoder-based ad manipulation (EBAM), at the 2023 NAB Show.Thursday, March 9, 2023Qvest's TIm Day on Guiding Broadcasters Into Their Digital FuturesAs the sports production industry continues to shed traditional broadcast mechanisms and evolves in a digital world, they are also in need of the expertise to undergo those evolutions efficiently and responsibly. Qvest is an industry leader in guiding clients through developments ranging from automation, to the Internet of Things, cloud services, artificial intelligence, and media asset management. On this edition of the SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Qvest's SVP, Broadcast Transformation Tim Day stops by to chat with SVG's Ken Kerschbaumer about the company's latest solutions and services and how they are bringing value to the live sports production business today.Thursday, March 2, 2023ASTRODESIGN's USA CEO Terry Harada on the Latest Developments in 8KGreater image resolution remains the universal goal in the world of live sports broadcast. When it comes to technological developments in 8K, few have had a greater impact on the industry than ASTRODESIGN. In fact, the company worked with NHL in Japan to debut the first 8K camera a decade ago. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Terry Harada, ASTRODESIGN's USA CEO chats with SVG's Chief Editor Jason Dachman about the latest work being done in image quality for broadcast and how he sees the industry continuing to adopt 8K.Tuesday, February 28, 2023WJHW’s Charles Adkinson on the Convergence of IP, Adapting to Increased Control Room ComplexityThe Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (WJHW) as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. As one of the leading companies involved in venue-based systems integration and control room design, WJHW has played pivotal roles in some of the biggest stadiums released in the past five years, including Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium and Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium in the National Football League, Cincinnati’s TQL Stadium, Columbus’ Stadium, and Minnesota’s Allianz Field in Major League Soccer, and more. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with WJHW’s Associate Principal Charles Adkinson about recent venue-based or team-based projects in sports, how system integration and venue design has shifted over the past year, what he’s seeing in regard to supply-chain, how his company is shepherding the continued transition to IP-based workflows and hybrid production environments, and how this sector of the industry will change in the future.Monday, February 27, 2023Osprey Video's Scott Whitcomb is Excited For Video Capture in a Cloud-based Production FutureFrom video capture cards to encoders/decoders, and other key workflow essentials, Osprey Video has been a leader in video processing for more than two decades. In today's age of more increasingly decentralized productions, their solutions are adapting to meet those unique needs. In this edition of SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Scott Whitcomb, Osprey Video's Chief Revenue Officer stops in to chat about the latest in the company's product line and what live video trends his team are keeping an eye on today.Thursday, February 23, 2023Magnifi's Meghna Krishna on Powering Automated Sports Highlights Through AIMagnifi, the flagship enterprise solution offered by VideoVerse, aims to connect fans with real time, relevant, and customized video content. The company's proprietary AI models extract highlights and key moments from enterprise video content to auto-produce social ready clips. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Jason Dachman chats with Magnif's Group Chief Revenue Officer Meghna Krishna about the technology that's reimagining the highlight reel process. Sports broadcasters, leagues and clubs are empowered with editing tools that capture key moments - from important plays and in-game scenarios - to tracking specific players, fan interactions, and brand sponsor mentions.Tuesday, February 21, 2023Fortinet's John Jacobs on Cybersecurity in a Live Sports Production WorldAs the delivery of more advanced and enhanced viewer experiences become a growing part of the live sports production industry, its also increasingly important to secure that content in a highly digital world. Hense, cybersecurity is an increasingly pressing issues for major leagues and broadcasters. For that reason, SVG is pleased to welcome aboard one of its newest sponsors: Fortinet. In this edition of the SVG New Sponsor Spotlight series, John Jacobs, Field CISCO for Technology and Media at Fortinet stops by to speak with SVG's Brandon Costa about how a company as multinational and multi-industry as his is bringing powerful tools for protection to live sports production and distribution.Monday, February 6, 2023Comprimato's Jiří Matela on Powering JPEG2000 Video Compression with GPU'sIn a crowded market of video encoders, Comprimato stands out through its innovative leveraging of GPU’s for JPEG2000 video compression. The Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Comprimato aboard as a new corporate sponsor. In this SVG New Sponsor Spoitlight, Comprimato's CEO and co-founder Jiří Matela joins us to outline the company's software-based solutions for professional live video encoding, transcoding, and J2K processing, as well as to share some of the new work the company has been involved in.Thursday, January 19, 2023Arkona Technologies’ Erling Hedkvist on the Power of the AT300, Increased U.S. Sales PresenceThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Arkona Technologies as a new corporate sponsor. Founded in 2011, Arkona is a technology provider for the most advanced and premium live broadcast productions in the world. Headquartered in Germany, the company offers IP core infrastructure solutions for audio/video routing, compression, processing and visualization with open standards support and an API 1st approach. On the business side, Arkona has named Joe LoGrasso to lead the company’s sales and marketing in the United States. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with Arkona Technologies’ Sales & Business Development Manager Erling Hedkvist about the services that the company offers the industry, the release of their new AT300 Dual 100GE edge compute processor, the feedback they’ve received about the product, how the appointment of LoGrasso accelerates their efforts in the U.S., and what’s to come throughout the rest of 2023.Wednesday, January 18, 20237 Point Audio's Jeff Ball on the Convergence of Live Performances at Sporting EventsThe Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome 7 Point Audio as a new corporate sponsor. 7 Point Audio is the latest solution for Sports and Live Events DJs and Music Directors to control responsive music selections to keep fans and attendees engaged to what is happening in the moment. This software allows the user to import music from the computer and organize it, edit it, tag it, add it to a playlist, play it back, report what was played, all while maintaining audio quality tuned for this event space using built-in tool, such as EQs and Compressors to balance audio levels. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, 7 Point Audio President Jeff Ball dives deep into how the company is assisting the convergence of entertainment within sports, how the tools used by DJs at a sporting venue differ from the tools used during a regular gig, how the concept of live performances at games has evolved over time, how music genres are spread out across the various sports leagues, and their plans to push into high school athletics.Tuesday, December 20, 2022JW Player's Brian Rifkin on Constructing a Comprehensive Video Platform for Sports ClientsThe Sports Video Group is happy to welcome JW Player as a new corporate sponsor. For more than ten years, the company has been first to market with key video innovations to keep their clients prepared for an ever-evolving industry. Headquartered in New York, JW Player has a global footprint of over 1 billion unique users and provides media professionals with powerful and flexible technology to deliver video, grow their audience, and monetize with ads. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, JW Player's Co-Founder and SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Brian Rifkin provides an overview of the company's offerings, highlights the clients in sports that they're working with, and what they're looking forward to in the coming year.Thursday, December 15, 2022EFW's Tom Cross on Satisfying Shipping Needs of the Sports-Broadcast CommunityThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW) as a new corporate sponsor. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, the company provides customized logistics solutions around the world and across all industries including retail, government, automotive, health services, technology, and exhibit services via air, ground, and ocean freight. Uniquely backed by Estes Express Lines’ extensive linehaul network, clients are given a hybrid transportation network along with a personal relationship approach to ensure the optimal logistics solution is identified and executed each and every time. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Jason Dachman chats with EFW's VP, Broadcast and Media Tom Cross about the company's recent activity, an overview of their specialized offerings, the live sports productions that EFW has been a part of, and what 2023 has in store.Thursday, December 15, 2022SSIMWAVE's Dr. Abdul Rehman on Customizing Live Stream Solutions for Major Tentpole EventsThe Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome SSIMWAVE as a new corporate sponsor. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, the company takes pride in their Video Experience Automation Platform, which connects to your workflow and operationalizes viewer experience data to remove the guesswork and inconsistency from manual QA and validation processes. The Video Experience Automation Platform uses APIs to act as a control plane for your existing video encoding, processing, and distribution workflows. In addition, the Emmy-awarded SSIMPLUS algorithm is  the foundation of the Video Experience Automation Platform. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Brandon Costa sits down with SSIMWAVE's CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Abdul Rehman to discuss how the company is involved in live streaming of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, how they're serving the live-streaming community, and the challenges that are still plaguing this sector of the industry.Friday, December 9, 2022Evergent's Vijay Sajja on Monetizing Streaming Solutions and New Work With the NBAWhen it comes to building end-to-end streaming solutions - and fully monetizing those products - few have done it better over the past decade and a half than Evergent. SVG is pleased to welcome on Evergent as one of its newest corporate sponsors. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Evergent's CEO and Founder Vijay Sajja joins SVG's Brandon Costa to discuss the company's unique offerings, to spotlight their support of a recent project with the NBA, and to offer his take on what he's keeping an eye on in 2023.Wednesday, November 2, 2022Tagboard’s Christine Chalk on Augmenting the Overall Fan Experience With Automated Social ContentThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Tagboard as a new premier sponsor. The company is a cloud production platform for live programming, which lets broadcasters and sports leagues incorporate social media graphics onto on-air coverage and in-stadium videos. Through partnerships with various entities like NBC Olympics, Fox Sports, NFL Network, Turner Sports, and Sinclair Broadcast Group, Tagboard has developed an automated solution that allows these broadcasters to attach social media content to their linear or digital product. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with Tagboard’s SVP of Strategy Christine Chalk about the services that the company provides the industry, how sports networks leverage their tools to put the fan at the center of the action, how a new round of Series A funding has expanded their business, and where they see themselves as social media and second-screen experiences become synonymous with live-event productions.Thursday, October 20, 2022Newsbridge's James Fraser on the Power, Precision of AI-Based Clipping for Sports RightsholdersThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Newsbridge as a new corporate sponsor. Based in France, the company is the ultimate platform for next-gen media valorization by offering video indexing tools based on Multimodal AI contribution for media and sports rightsholders. Taking into account facial, object, and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge provides access to content while simultaneously offering a unique clip & collect experience for external media buyers or sponsors. Whether it be de-rushing, archiving, investigative research, or content resale, the solution allows for smart media asset management. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, Newsbridge's Head of U.S. Sales James Fraser dives deep into how the company plans to repeat their success with their new business in the United States, the services that they offer, how clients are using their solutions throughout the industry, and what the company's next steps will be over the next 6 to 12 months.Wednesday, September 14, 2022Wesco's Phil Langley on Broadcast Technology Migrating Up Onto the NetworkFrom live broadcasting to in-stadium tech and even pro A/V solutions, there's not many corners of the media and entertainment space that hasn't been innovated on by Wesco. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Brandon Costa speaks with Phil Langley, SVP Global Enterprise AV & Broadcast for Wesco to get his take on the big trends across the industry today that his company is tackling and how SDI migrating to the network is a huge evolution impacting the live sports world.Thursday, September 8, 2022Rohde & Schwarz's Erik Balladares on the VENICE Core and the Migration to Software-Based SolutionsWith a legacy that dates back more than 85 years, Rohde & Schwarz is a trailblazer in test & measurement, technology systems, and networks & cybersecurity technology. Over the past decade, the company has made a noted shift from hardware to software solutions to better serve the media and entertainment space. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Brandon Costa catches up with Erik Balladares, VP, Broadcast & Media at Rohde & Schwarz to discuss the latest solutions serving the sports market, including tools for shared media storage, monitoring, graphics, playout, and more.Tuesday, August 30, 2022AIR’s Nick Nordquist on How the New AIR One System Brings Live Production Capabilities to the MassesAdvanced Image Robotics was founded in 2020 in an effort to let creators and producers focus on the content and not have to be IT experts. The founders were also looking to create a purpose-built platform that could broadcast an event without breaking the budget. Scheduled to ship in Q4 of this year, the AIR One ecosystem allows a small production team (or even a single individual) to capture with a robotic 4K-cinema-quality camera, control with a simple iPad-based app, switch and edit via the custom-designed AIRCloud platform; and stream to viewers directly from the camera using a simple ethernet connection. It has already been used successfully on a variety of live-sports events, including NBA Summer League, Major League Rugby, and Brazilian jiujitsu tournaments. Using robotic controls and machine precision to give provide greater accuracy in shooting, the camera equipment used in the AIR One system sets up and breaks down in minutes. In addition, direct cloud connection streamlines the camera-to-viewer workflow, enabling distributed teams through cloud production for a more efficient labor force. SVG sat down with Founder and Chief Product Officer Nick Nordquist to discuss the how the idea for AIR originally came from his daughter’s soccer matches, where he sees the AIR One platform fitting into the overall live sports ecosystem, and how remote and distributed production models are changing the face of live production.Thursday, August 18, 2022NETGEAR’s John Henkel on Supplying Turnkey Solutions for Professional, Collegiate ProductionsThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome NETGEAR as a new premier sponsor. The company specialized in innovative networking products that connect people and power businesses. Known for providing AV-over-IP solutions, NETGEAR has been involved in a handful of projects over the past three years that span the gamut of sports-video productions. Some examples include the esports program at Harrisburg University in 2019, the Philadelphia Union at Subaru Park in 2021, and Hawk-Eye in 2022. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with NETGEAR’s Director of Product Marketing John Henkel about the services that the company provides the industry, their recent partnerships that are driving both professional and collegiate productions, and the goals they hope to achieve by the end of this year and throughout 2023.Tuesday, August 16, 2022Transmit's Scott Young on Effectively Monetizing Live Streaming Sports ContentThe Sports Video Group is excited to introduce Transmit as a new premier sponsor. Transmit's software allows streaming platforms and broadcasters to monetize their content and live events by creating new in-stream inventory, filling traditional ad breaks, and developing more effective ad-pods. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Transmit's Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Scott Young shares the details of the valuable tools that his company is bringing to the live sports marketplace and how the sky is the limit for streaming sports in the future.Monday, June 20, 2022Wasabi's Whit Jackson on Enabling Low-Cost Hot Cloud Storage for the Sports-Video-Production MarketThe Sports Video Group is excited to introduce Wasabi Technologies as a new corporate sponsor. Since 2017, the company has been changing the cloud storage landscape with Hot Cloud Storage — a disruptively simple, one size fits all cloud storage technology. Wasabi's services allows users to affordably store a nearly infinite amount of data and focus on making cloud storage a simple utility. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Wasabi Technologies' VP of Technology Alliances/M&E Whit Jackson runs down the company's offerings, why the sports-video-production market is an important sector to tap into, and some of the new clients in professional and collegiate sports that are leveraging their services.Thursday, June 9, 2022Spalk’s Ben Reynolds on the Influence of Remote Commentary in a Post-COVID WorldThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Spalk as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. The company was started under the premise that every sports fan should be able to listen to their favorite commentator when streaming live sports and also personalize the live sports experience. Through the development of an Enterprise Software Solution, Spalk is helping broadcasters, sports leagues, and teams deliver multiple commentary options for their live sports streams, enabling a customized viewing experience, and growing their audience at a reduced cost. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernandez speaks with Spalk CEO and Co-Founder Ben Reynolds about the services that the company provides the sports-video-prodcution industry, how their work was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, partnerships with key sports clients such as World Rugby and DAZN, and what the future of remote commentary will look like moving forward.Wednesday, June 1, 2022NVIDIA's Michael Kaplan on Powering Next-Gen Productions in SportsThe Sports Video Group is happy to welcome NVIDIA as a new platinum sponsor. NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world. Today, NVIDIA is increasingly known as “the AI computing company." In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Jason Dachman caught up with NVIDIA's Director, Global Business Development, Media & Entertainment Michael Kaplan at the 2022 NAB Show to discuss their involvement at this year's event in Las Vegas, the current industry trends that the company is involved in, how NVIDIA is leaving their mark on the sports-video-production market, and what's to be expected in the near future.Tuesday, May 10, 2022APM Music's Max Crutchfield on the Impact of High-Quality Music in SportsThe Sports Video Group is happy to welcome APM Music as a new corporate sponsor. Founded in New York in 1983, the company has been a crucial part to the music synchronization with everything from movie and television production, live sports broadcasting, and more. As a joint venture between Sony Music Publishing and Universal, APM Music offers the largest production music library in the world and the most comprehensive collection of music for media. Notable highlights of the company's work include 780,000+ tracks from over 150 libraries located across the globe, 5,000 new tracks added every six-to-eight weeks, 10,000+ authentic archival recordings dating back to the early 1900s, and 100% full indemnification and simple licensing for every track. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, APM Music's Acount Director, Sports Entertainment Max Crutchfield breaks down the challenges facing music production within sports, how the artistic changes in the music impact sports applications, how support from Sony Music and Universal ensures high-quality audio for customers, their partnership with the National Hockey League, and more.Thursday, April 21, 2022Friend MTS's James Caselton on Combating Digital Piracy, Enabling Content ProtectionThe Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome Friend MTS as a new corporate sponsor. Since its inception, the company is dedicated to innovation in content and platform security and has developed a comprehensive suite of security services, powered by a unique set of proprietary technologies, to deliver the right solution in any situation. Taking the approach of end-to-end service delivery, Friend MTS is unique in developing and maintaining its entire technology stack in-house. Friend MTS’ R&D teams are staffed by leading experts in a variety of disciplines in the field of technical security, ranging from signals processing and search specialists, through to data analysts and operational security researchers. This level of control gives flexibility to service clients’ exact requirements. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, Friend MTS's Head of Product James Caselton dissects how their offerings are fighting digital piracy, how the company responded with increased anti-piracy measures during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how their work with UEFA is highlighting the overall awareness of the issue. CORRECTION: In the video James refers to UEFA utilising Friend MTS watermarking services; this is incorrect. UEFA use Friend MTS’s monitoring and enforcement services, but not watermarking. Watermarking services are however provided by Friend MTS to some of UEFA's broadcast partners.Thursday, April 14, 2022Skyline Communications’ Ben Vandenberghe on DataMiner's Impact on Remote, Virtualized ProductionsThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Skyline Communications as a new corporate sponsor. The company is a global supplier of end-to-end multi-vendor NMS, OSS, and orchestration software solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry. Skyline’s flagship product, the award-winning DataMiner network management platform, enables integration of the most complex technical ecosystems and has been deployed by operators around the world. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernandez speaks with Skyline Communications’ CEO Ben Vandenberghe about the impact of DataMiner on the industry, how the company is assisting their clients in remote and virtualized production, a preview of activations at their NAB 2022 booth, and what they hope to accomplish in 2022.Thursday, April 14, 2022Spiideo's Fredrik Ademar on Automating Live Sports for Professional, Amateur OrganizationsThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Spiideo as a new corporate sponsor. The company's automated sports video recording solutions are successfully used in everyday work in clubs, leagues, and federations all around the world. In addition, the Spiideo system can bring insights and boost performance of athletes, coaches and teams in almost any sport. In this new SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Brandon Costa and Spiideo VP, Product Fredrik Ademar break down what the company offers the live sports market, how their product line fulfills the needs of their clients, and their wide-variety of clients that range from professional sports teams to amateur organizations.Tuesday, March 15, 2022Pixera’s Conor McGill on Developing More Opportunities for xR, Virtual Tech in Venues & FacilitiesThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Pixera as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. Based in Austria and founded in 1975, the company designs, manufactures, and markets a range of high-performance mobile and installation projection screens and multi-display and show control systems for professional and business applications. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernandez speaks with Pixera’s Global Business Development Manager Conor McGill about the company’s technological offerings, how their products are being used in sports venues including the NFL’s U.S. Bank Stadium, their recent work in xR and other virtual environments, and what Pixera is striving to accomplish in 2022.Tuesday, March 8, 2022Megaphone TV’s Jamie MacDonald on Taking Viewer Engagement to a Whole New LevelMegaphone TV – the industry’s leading Viewer Engagement Platform – partners with news organizations, broadcasters, and streamers around the world to create interactive storytelling moments and transactional ad campaigns through live polling, trivia and social integration. Megaphone TV’s broadcast partners include Rogers Sportsnet, SNY, ABC, AMC, Bravo, CNN International, MTV, and TEGNA. In this interview, Jamie MacDonald, Executive Vice President, Broadcast Solutions, provides an overview of the Megaphone TV platform, details how SNY is utilizing it within its broadcasts to better engage viewers, and previewed some of the new features coming to the platform in 2022.Wednesday, February 23, 2022Electro-Voice's Sean Shallenberger on the Need for Improved Audio Quality in a Live SettingFor over 90 years, Electro‑Voice has designed and engineered leading‑edge sound reinforcement solutions — products that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience. As part of Bosch Communications Systems, the company is built upon generations of hands-on professional knowledge — all geared towards producing a portfolio of speakers and microphones that combine performance, reliability and value. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, Electro-Voice's Director of Sales for Installed Audio Sean Shallenberger breaks down the current work being done in the sports industry and the need for improved audio quality in a live event setting.Wednesday, February 16, 2022Broadpeak's Jacques Le Mancq on Delivering High-Quality Streaming Solutions for High-Profile EventsThe Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome Broadpeak as a new corporate sponsor. Headquartered in Cesson-Sevigne, France, the company designs and manufactures video delivery components for content providers and network service providers deploying IPTV, cable and OTT services. Broadpeak's systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, Broadpeak CEO/President Jacques Le Mancq details the company's offerings to the sports-production community, some of their most popular products and how those solutions are meeting the current needs of the industry, recent partners that have garnered success with Broadpeak's technologies, and goals for 2022.Wednesday, February 16, 2022Audazzio's Danny Abelson on Connecting to Mobile Devices for Second-Screen ExperiencesThe Sports Video Group is excited to introduce Audazzio as a new corporate sponsor. Audazzio is a media technology that uses inaudible sound waves to connect to people’s phones or tablets in real time and allows storytelling to continue onto second screens. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Dan Daley sits down with Audazzio Chief Operating Officer Danny Abelson to discuss the origin of the company, further explains the concept of inaudible sound waves, how the frequency they're working at isn't interfering with audible devices like Amazon Alexa, and more.Friday, February 11, 2022LucidLink's Peter Thompson and George Dochev Rethinking How Sports Producers Use the CloudFounded in 2016, LucidLink offers an innovative cloud-native file service designed specifically for extensive data access over distance. LucidLink Filespaces provides both security and high-performance scalability to run file-based workloads on object storage for maximum efficiency and productivity. The service is compatible with Microsoft Azure and any Amazon S3 compatible object storage provider that utilizes the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid storage. It supports all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. Within the sports-production sector, LucidLink customers include the Big Ten Networks, DAZN, Las Vegas Raiders, MLS, Sportradar, UEFA, Vanderbilt University Athletics, as well as Olympics rightsholders. Company investors include Baseline Ventures, Headline, Adobe, Bright Cap Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, S28 Capital, and Fathom Capital. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Jason Dachman speaks with LucidLink co-founders CEO Peter Thompson and CTO George Dochev about the company's offerings, recent partner integrations with Telestream and Aviwest (among others), how the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of of object storage and cloud-based workflows, and what's ahead for LucidLink and the industry as whole.Tuesday, February 1, 2022Appear’s Ed McGivern on High-Powered Media Processing and Delivery in the Age of REMIThe Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome Appear as a new corporate sponsor. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and with customers in over 100 countries, the company is a provider of media processing and delivery technology and supplies the backbone that production companies and broadcasters rely on to make immersive live experiences possible for their viewers. With world-class products and expertise, Appear’s focus on modularity, efficiency, and high quality helps customers stay ahead of competition in a market where expectations and requirements are constantly changing and evolving. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Brandon Costa speaks with Appear's General Manager, North America Ed McGivern about what the company offers the sports-video-production community, serving up solutions to some of the challenges that the industry is facing, how they're working with NBC Sports and their coverage of two tentpole events in February, and what's ahead in 2022.Friday, January 28, 2022Allied Broadcast Group President Mark Chapman on Providing Affordable Products to the MarketSports Video Group is excited to introduce Allied Broadcast Group as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. The company is a full line dealer of new and used professional broadcast video production equipment, as well as mobile and OB production trailers and trucks. Since 1997, Allied Broadcast Group has been a reliable source for cameras, switchers, tripods, lenses, or any other video production gear. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Jason Dachman chats with Allied Broadcast Group President Mark Chapman about the company's overview, the products and services they're offering the market, the partnerships that they have with high-quality manufacturers, and the trends they're seeing in the industry.Tuesday, January 25, 2022Zero Density's Onur Can Gulenc on the Increased Use of Real-Time Virtual EffectsSports Video Group is delighted to introduce Zero Density as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. The company is an international technology company dedicated to develop creative products for the industries such as broadcasting, live events and esports. Zero Density offers the next level of production with real-time visual effects. It provides Unreal Engine native platform, Reality Engine, with advanced real-time broadcast compositing system and its proprietary keying technology, Reality Keyer. In this, SVG's Jason Dachman chats with Zero Density's U.S. East Coast & Central Territory Manager Onur Can Gulenc about the company's real-time virtual effects offerings and the current clients that they're working with in sectors like esports and other live events.Tuesday, January 11, 2022Phenix's Jed Corenthal on Serving Up High-Quality, Low-Latency Sports Streaming OpportunitiesPhenix is the go-to provider for real-time video streaming solutions and the only company that can stream synchronous real-time video to broadcast sized audiences. The company offers an end-to-end solution that delivers video with less than half second of latency. Real-time is the next frontier for companies to drive interactivity, enabling them to acquire, engage, and retain viewers in areas such as sports, esports, microwagering, and entertainment. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, our Brandon Costa caught up with Phenix Chief Marketing Officer Jed Corenthal about the services that the company provides to the sports-video marketplace, the major clients that they're currently working with, how latency is playing a role in hyper-active streaming experiences like sports betting, and what they have planned for 2022.Thursday, January 6, 2022Kiswe's Ryan Mahoney on Powering Live Streamed Alternative Broadcasts During the PandemicSince 2013, Kiswe has been connecting at-home viewers with live events and in-venue fans through interactive video experiences to create memorable social experiences and build loyalty. Kiswe’s video production solution, Kiswe Studio, uses cloud-based technology to transform the way live games and events are professionally produced and broadcasted. The Kiswe suite of solutions is used by the world’s largest broadcasters, media companies, sports and eSports leagues, and music labels. Kiswe is headquartered in the U.S. and has offices in Europe and Asia. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Jason Dachman speaks with Kiswe's Solutions Architect Ryan Mahoney about the cloud-based solutions that have been offered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, provide examples of recent customers, including the National Basketball Association, that are leveraging these services, how the idea of an alternative broadcast will continue to rise in popularity, and how the company will evolve within the hybrid production environment.Friday, December 10, 2021Production Rockstars' Tre James on the Power of Interpersonal Service on Live ProductionsThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Production Rockstars as a mobile/integrator sponsor. Production Rockstars is a boutique production management firm specializing in delivering interpersonal service by producing virtual production and live streaming events, live TV and events, and social/digital content for its clients. Production Rockstars’ work spans across a variety of sectors, from the precision-based detailing in the virtual streaming and corporate world to the fast-paced action of the sports and entertainment industry. Production Rockstars has worked with and for a variety of clients including but not limited to Comedy Central, Netflix, BET Networks, Essence, Tidal, ESPN, Complex, TNT, T-Mobile, Patrón Tequila, the Smithsonian and more. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Jason Dachman speaks with Production Rockstars’ Executive in Charge of Production Tre James about its recent projects, how he sees the live-production industry evolving, and how his team works hard to “make clients look and feel like a rockstar from the first pre-production conference to the final deliverable.Thursday, September 30, 2021Clark’s Bob Baker and JB Bowling on Recent Sports-Related Projects, Working Towards New TechnologiesThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Clark as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. Since 1995, Clark has been at the forefront of audio, video, and lighting technology For the last 26 years, the company has worked closely with clients of all sizes, ready to bring passion and experience to all projects: transforming a space into a dynamic environment and bring vision to life on time and on budget. Clark has supported multiple sectors of the entertainment and live production industry, such as house of worship, conference and business settings, and surrounding environments within and outside of sports venues. For each project, the company offers a wide range of services, including audio and video support, lighting, acoustics, and theater/stage design. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernandez speaks with Clark’s Chief Technology Architect Bob Baker and Director of Business Development JB Bowling about their recent work in the sports industry, including with the Overtime Elite basketball league, Bally Sports South, and the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park and how new technologies will make an impact on the company’s future.Tuesday, September 21, 2021Digigram's Derek Badala, Brittany Hilton on Supplying Reliable Solutions for Remote AudioFor more than 30 years, Diigiram has developed innovative digital systems and offered complete, reliable point-to-point encoding and streaming links, from on-the-go portable outside broadcast encoders, to strong and efficient studio to transmitters links. With more and more commentators, interview guests, and sports show hosts working remotely, whether at home or a distant studio, quality audio communications and signal transmission is of more and more importance. That's one reason Digigram has found success with the IQOYA product line which uses IP transport to easily connect the entire production team, talent, and guests together. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, Director of Sales of the Americas Derek Badala and Broadcast Sales Manager Brittany Hilton discussed the company's offerings with SVG's Ken Kerschbaumer.Tuesday, September 7, 2021Pixotope’s Sam Leadsom on the Power of Virtual Production and Mixed RealityThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Pixotope as a corporate sponsor. Pixotope is the world’s leading Virtual Production solution for live media production. Leveraging the full power of the Unreal (UE4) render engine, Pixotope empowers content creators and broadcasters to produce best in class Mixed Reality content for television, online streaming, and film. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Jason Dachman speaks with Pixtope’s VP for Global Business Development Sam Leadsom regarding its recent work at the Olympics and Super Bowl, the the accelerating adoption of mixed reality and virtual production methods and technologies, how these tools are key driver in winning back younger audiences, and what’s on the horizon for Pixotope and the industry as a whole. Pixotope is made by The Future Group , an international award-winning software company dedicated to developing the next generation of visual storytelling tools and experiences. The Future Group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional offices in Croatia, UK, and the USA. Pixotope recently supported SBS Korea's Olympic coverage with their virtual set in Korea. In North America, Pixotope partnered with CBS Sports to provide Augmented reality graphics for their Superbowl coverage in 2020. Pixotope's involvement was key in helping deliver an ambitious live mixed reality production of the All-Time team sequence to celebrate 100 seasons of the NFL. The complex, seven-minute production combined live action from multiple moving cameras with augmented virtual stages and graphics.Wednesday, July 7, 2021Atom Creek's Dave Clipp on Supplying a Hyper-Converged Production InfrastructureThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Atom Creek as a new corporate sponsor. Created in 2008, the company is an Information Technology solutions provider that works toward meeting the needs of a variety of customers. Atom Creek specializes in three different technical categories: Systems Engineering with a focus on compute, storage, and virtualization; Network Engineering with a focus on routing, switching, and information security; and Managed Services to manage customer cloud and on-premise infrastructure via monitoring and provide end-user support and training. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG's Ken Kerschbaumer speaks with President/CEO Dave Clipp to provide an overview of the company's offerings, how Atom Creek is helping their clients like AT&T SportsNet, and more.

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