SVG Summit 2021

Thursday, December 23, 2021Vizrt's Eduardo Mancz on Live Graphics Workflows In The Cloud and the Rise of DataThe cloud continues to massively reshape the ecosystem of live sports production and graphics workflows are no exception to that rule. One of the largest graphics vendors in the world, Vizrt, has been continuing to innovate its product offerings to meet the rapidly-changing needs of the live sports world. Eduardo Mancz, General Manager, Americas for Vizrt caught us up on the latest at the 2021 SVG Summit, while sharing his thoughts on some of the biggest trends facing the industry in 2022.Wednesday, December 22, 2021Bally Sports' Mike Connelly on Launching During COVID-19, How RSNs Adapt to New Production ModelsUndergoing one of the most ambitious rebrands in the history of sports media, Bally Sports pulled off the massive task in March 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the new regional sports network is entertaining a wide variety of fans in 21 different markets. At the SVG Summit, our Jason Dachman spoke with SVP and Executive Producer Mike Connelly about what went into the launch of this new media entity, how the RSN sector of the industry is adjusting to new forms of production, the new master control setup in Georgia, and more.Wednesday, December 22, 2021Facebook's Ben Berchuck on Tapping Into More Live Sports, Expanding Chances for Shoulder ProgrammingWhether its coverage of niche sports like snooker or triathlons or supplying shoulder programming for professional teams, Facebook is offering a unique platter of options for the sports fans. At the SVG Summit, our Brandon Costa caught up with Ben Berchuck, a member of the company's Sports Programming and Partnerships division, to discuss where live sports currently sit on the platform, how rightsholders are leveraging the pay-per-view model of engagement, how franchises are continuing to use the service for pregames and postgames, and the exciting opportunities in store for 2022.Tuesday, December 21, 2021ESPN's John Lasker on the Continued Growth of ESPN+, Teaming with PGA Tour and NHL for New ContentAs we close out 2021, ESPN+ has soared over 17 million subscribers and is continuing to gain steam through their bundle with Disney+ and Hulu. With new content set to go into effect in January, the network's streaming service is eyeing more success in the next calendar year. At the SVG Summit, our Brandon Costa spoke with VP of Digital Media Programming John Lasker about the evolution of the bundle, how it helps attracts non-sports fans to the platform, and how partnerships with the PGA Tour and the National Hockey League will generate positive momentum for 2022.Monday, December 20, 2021Fox Sports' Mike Davies on Producing New Events in 2021, Anticipating FIFA World Cup in QatarFrom full days of 4K content to a mix of new and traditional productions, Fox Sports remained extremely busy in 2021. Simultaneously, the network also continued to navigate the throes of the pandemic as well. At the SVG Summit, our Kristian Hernández spoke with SVP of Technical and Field Operations Mike Davies about chairing the first in-person Summit in two years, how much they have changed since their first COVID-era production at Darlington Raceway on May 17, 2020, what the MLB at Field Dreams broadcast meant to the individuals that worked on it, and what's to come next year like the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.Monday, December 20, 2021NEP Group's Dan Grainge on Opening New Production Centers, Pushing Towards More IP AdvancementAs the sports-video-production industry continues to evolve, NEP Group is doing what they can to adjust to these changes. One recent announcement —the opening of two new production centers in New York and Los Angeles — is answering the growing need for centralized remote operations. At the SVG Summit, our Kristian Hernández caught up with President of U.S. Specialty Capture Dan Grainge to break down this new development and other notable news, how the trend of IP is a topic of interest , what it's like to participate in an in-person event, and what's on the docket for 2022.Monday, December 20, 2021CTV's Hamish Greig on Resiliency of Mobile Production Providers, Updates to New TrucksCTV has delivered mobile production units since 1983. Over thirty years, the company's fleet has grown to deliver technical and creative solutions for sports productions across the world. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, CTV and other mobile-production-truck providers have dealt with innumerable challenges. At the SVG Summit, our Jason Dachman spoke with Chief Executive Officer Hamish Greig about these current issues facing this sector of the industry, an update on any new trucks or plans for centralized production, how the company continues to become a force across the continent of Europe, and more.Friday, December 17, 2021New York Giants' Emma Kaptein on Promoting Diversity, Launching The Eli Manning ShowThe New York Giants are a storied franchise with a lot of history, but in 2021, the organization pushed towards creating new and engaging content for younger audiences. Leading the way is the team's social media department. At the SVG Summit, our Kristian Hernández chatted with Manager of Social Media Emma Kaptein about some of the club's new digital initiatives involving the Latinx community, what went into the launch of The Eli Manning Show, and what it's like to work with the two-time Super Bowl Champion.Friday, December 17, 2021LiveU's Mike Savello on the Future of 5G and Returning to In-Person EventsWhen it comes to wireless video delivery and advancements in bonded cellular technology, LiveU is one of the go-to destinations for sports-video-production professionals. At the SVG Summit, our Brandon Costa spoke with VP of Sales Mike Savello about current and upcoming industry trends, the impact of 5G and its bright future, and what it means for the company to be back at an in-person event.Thursday, December 16, 2021Unreal Engine's Bernt Johannessen and Craig Laliberte on the Emergence of AR Graphics in Live SportsThe real-time 3D creation tool Unreal Engine has become an increasingly popular platform of choice by which to create stunning augmented reality and immersive visual experiences. At the SVG Summit, Unreal Engine's Industry Manager Bernt Johannessen and Senior Business Development Manager Craig Laliberte discusses some of their client's biggest projects, the growth of augment reality as an experience for broadcasters and teams/venues, and what they are looking forward to 2022.Thursday, December 16, 2021CBS Sports' Jason Cohen on New College Football, NFL InnovationsCBS Sports covers a wide array of collegiate and professional sports, but the network's efforts on college football and the National Football League is their bread and butter. At the SVG Summit, our Jason Dachman spoke with VP of Remote Technical Operations Jason Cohen about some of the major productions over the past calendar year like the AFC Championship Game, Super Bowl LV, SEC Championship, and the 122nd Army-Navy Game, some of the technological innovations that were seen on these broadcasts, and what these two properties meant to the network in 2021.

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