SVG@Notre Dame

Monday, November 6, 2017SVG@Notre Dame: Scott Rinehart Breaks Down the Irish's Spectacular New Media FacilityIn a first-of-its-kind event for Sports Video Group, SVG@Notre Dame took attendees inside the stunning new media production facility showcasing the university's commitment to video infrastructure and technology designed to not only meet the needs of athletics but open up a whole new world of connectivity and storytelling for the entire campus. We stop to chat with Scott Rinehart, Director, Broadcast Technology at University of Notre Dame to discuss how it all came together and what the future holds for Notre Dame Studios.Monday, November 6, 2017Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick Goes Inside the Comprehensive Campus Crossroads ProjectNotre Dame's Campus Crossroads project is one of the most robust and comprehensive video and technology renovations the sports industry has ever seen and it promises to change how the university - in athletics, academics, and faith - communicates with the world and tells its story. In a keynote conversation with our Brandon Costa at the SVG@Notre Dame event earlier this month, Notre Dame Director of Athletics and University Vice President Director Jack Swarbrick pulls back the curtain on what it was like to oversee the project, how he managed relationships across various departments within the university, and ultimate saw the vision to its completion.Monday, November 6, 2017SVG@Notre Dame: Dan Skendzel On How the Campus Crossroads Project Changed the Legendary UniversityThe Campus Crossroads Project was about more than just sports for the University of Notre Dame. Dan Skendzel, Executive Director of Notre Dame Studios describes the goals of the Irish's new facilities and discusses how he made a complete career change in embracing this project.Friday, November 3, 2017SVG@Notre Dame: Inside the Technology at Martin Media CenterThe new Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center at the University of Notre Dame is loaded with forward-thinking technology. In this panel discussion for our SVG@Notre Dame event last month, hear from key system vendors about how their technology made the vision for the center a reality. How were specific technology decisions made? What were the challenges those decisions presented to the integration team and the vendors? Panelists: Brendan Cline, BeckTV, System Engineer and Project Manager Martin Dyster, Telos Alliance, VP, Business Development Rick Seegull, Riedel, Manager System Consulting Vince Silvestri, Evertz, VP, Software Systems Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Executive Director, EditorialWednesday, November 1, 2017SVG@Notre Dame: Notre Dame Studios and the Athletic Use CaseNotre Dame Studios, a department within the Office of Information Technology, was formed to schedule and operate the Martin Media Center for use by a variety of University clients. In this presentation from our SVG@Notre Dame event last month, experts from the university wrestle with the following questions: What makes this model unique in the world of higher education? Hear from one of those University clients, Fighting Irish Media, on its approach to using the production tools within the Martin Media Center. What were the unique challenges and successes, particularly in programming the video board in ND Stadium? Presenters: Mike Bonner, Fighting Irish Media, Executive Producer, Live Events Ron Kraemer, University of Notre Dame, VP, Information Technology/Chief Information and Digital Officer Brock Raum, Fighting Irish Media, Supervising Producer Dan Skendzel, University of Notre Dame, Executive Director, Notre Dame StudiosFriday, October 27, 2017Campus Crossroads: Academic, Student Life, and Athletics IntegrationThe scope of Notre Dame's Campus Crossroads project spanned an unprecedented number of uses and users, including faculty, staff, students, coaches, fans, guests, community members, and more. How was this facility designed to support academic uses during the day, hospitality needs during evenings, and athletic events on weekends? Learn how it was possible to pull together such a complex construction and integration project in such a short period of time from this full panel conversation that took place during our SVG@Notre Dame event in South Bend, IN on October 11. Panelists: Paco Bayer, University of Notre Dame Athletics, Operations Manager, Joyce Center Doug Marsh, University of Notre Dame, VP, Facilities Design and Operations/ University Architect Ric Mauch, RCDD, University of Notre Dame, Manager Data and Voice Network Kevin Strite, University of Notre Dame, Project Manager, Office of Information Technologies Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Executive Director, Editorial