Sports Content Management Forum 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019SCM Forum: Arizona Coyotes Score a Hat Trick with Sony’s Intelligent Media ServicesIn late 2018, the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes enlisted several of Sony’s Intelligent Media Services including Ci Media Cloud, NavigatorX and MEMNON to help transform their digital workflows. Traditionally, the Coyotes worked without a centralized asset management solution, storing content on various internal and external HDD’s on-premise. At the Sports Content Management Forum, Robert Gilkes, project manager, Media Backbone NavigatorX Sony, and Jon Kingston, director of production, Arizona Coyotes discussed how the platform keeps up with the fast-paced demands of digital content production.Wednesday, August 14, 2019SCM Forum: Addressing Obstacles in Data Science and AI AdoptionToday’s organizations are excited about the potential for machine learning and applied data science. While the organizational change this brings with it may be daunting, there’s material value in identifying point solutions, and demonstrating value out of the gate. At the Sports Content Management Forum, Xena Ugrinsky, partner, Genre-X consulting, Applied Data Science, dissects how some organizations are identifying the obstacles they encounter, and what they’re doing about them.Tuesday, August 13, 2019SCM Forum: NASCAR Revs Up Cloud and AI Workflows With AWSEarlier this year, NASCAR enlisted AWS as its standard for cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads. NASCAR is now using AWS technologies to build cloud-based services and automate processes, as well as migrating its 18-petabyte video archive to AWS. By using AWS’s services, including Amazon Rekognition intelligent image and video analysis applications, NASCAR expects to save thousands of hours of manual search time each year and quickly deliver video clips on and social media channels. At the Sports Content Management Forum, Chris Witmayer, director of broadcast, production, and new media technology, NASCAR Productions, broke down the nuances of the new program.Thursday, August 8, 2019SCM Forum: YES Network's Jason Marshall on Migrated to an All-Virtual FacilityIn 2018, YES Network – which owns the exclusive local TV rights of the 27-time World Champion New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Nets and Major League Soccer’s New York City FC – successfully migrated their entire plant to a virtual environment. At the 2019 SVG Sports Content Management Forum, our Director of Digital Brandon Costa caught up with Jason Marshall, Project Manager, Broadcast Systems at YES Network to break down the effort and share what he and his team learned along the way.Thursday, August 1, 2019SCM Forum: WWE's Bryan Staffaroni on Maintaining Metadata for Archival PurposesIn a yearly schedule that includes more than 10 major events, including the heralded WrestleMania, the WWE is consistently dealing with a flurry of data. Throughout this tumultuous time, the company is always tinkering with the WWE Network, their direct-to-consumer platform, to provide an improved viewing experience for current fans. And for wrestling fans who want to relive the bygone era of superstars like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, or Shawn Michaels, the platform allows fans to rewatch classic matches and moments. At the Sports Content Management Forum, Bryan Staffaroni, VP, media asset management, WWE, caught up with SVG's Brandon Costa to dissect the planning that went into the streaming service's refurbishment and the importance of maintaining the metadata that is entailed with this endeavor.Thursday, August 1, 2019SCM Forum: Quantum's Eric Bassier Prioritizes the Adoption of New Storage PlatformsFor many years now, Quantum has been one of the media industry's leaders in the world of storage and asset management. At the Sports Content Management Forum, Eric Bassier, senior director, global product marketing, Quantum caught up with SVG's Kristian Hernandez to emphasize the event's importance and lay out the wide variety of options for digital archival and storage.Tuesday, July 30, 2019SCM Forum: St. Louis Blues' Eric Siders on Navigating the MAM Waters of a Stanley Cup ChampionshipFor any professional athlete, winning a championship is the ultimate goal at the end of a season. In the world of storage, grabbing hold of the sport's biggest prize could be a double-edged sword. When the St. Louis Blues lifted the franchise's first Stanley Cup after defeating the Boston Bruins, a boatload of content started pouring into their media servers from events like the celebration parade to moments between the trophy and their families. At the Sports Content Management Forum, Eric Siders, video production manager, St. Louis Blues, chatted with SVG's Kristian Hernandez about how the media asset management team corralled the onslaught of data, how archival footage was used to tell the story of the organization's run to the Cup, and why CatDV played a crucial part in developing services that matched their workflows.Thursday, July 25, 2019SCM Forum: MLB Network's Tab Butler Describes the Event's Ripple Effect on the Storage IndustryIn an age of linear broadcasts, digital streaming outlets, social media platforms, and the unrelenting thirst for content, the need for easy callback and retrieval of archival footage and categorization of all media assets is paramount. With machine learning techniques like artificial intelligence entering the fray, the future of media storage is becoming a bit dicey to navigate. At the recent Sports Content Management Forum, Tab Butler, senior Director, media management and postproduction, MLB Network, who also served as committee chairman, spoke with SVG's Jason Dachman about the event's influence on the sports video production community and how staying ahead of the curve allows for more efficient organizational workflows.